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Player And Coach Foundations

Several Carolina Panthers players and coaches have their own foundations and charities in addition to the personal time and commitment they give to the team's outreach efforts.

Chase Blackburn Chasing The Cure

Blackburn Chasing the Cure is dedicated to helping the fight against breast cancer and childhood cancers and easing the financial burden of families so they can focus on their loved ones. The organization's annual events raise funds to help families cover expenses and provide chemo kits for patients starting treatment.

Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation

Founded under the principles of educate, empower and defend, the Defending Dreams Foundation aims to defend the dreams of disadvantaged students by providing them with opportunities and resources that enable them to strive for excellence in school and life, build strong character and become great community leaders.

Charles Johnson Foundation

The mission of the Charles Johnson Foundation is to provide opportunities for underserved youth to reach their full potential through athletic, recreational and educational programs and initiatives, and to provide support for single African-American mothers through proven programs and initiatives.

Andy Lee Madelyn's Fund

The mission of Madelyn's Fund is to support infant and pediatric patients in the neonatal intensive care unit and their families as well as those who experience the trauma of infant loss. By assisting these families financially, Madelyn's Fund hopes to ease the stress they experience by allowing them to focus their time and energy on the well being of their family.

Cam Newton Foundation

The Cam Newton Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of youth by addressing their social, physical, educational and emotional needs. The theme of the Cam Newton Foundation is "Every 1 Matters." The foundation strives to emphasize the importance of education, physical fitness and health as vital elements of comprehensive youth development.

Michael Oher Beat The Odds

The mission of Beat The Odds Inc. is to provide both disadvantaged individuals and those in need with empowering opportunities that enrich their lives and provide a mechanism for higher education and healthy living. Addressing their obstacles and finding solutions for them is the goal at Beat The Odds Inc.

Greg Olsen Receptions for Research

Receptions for Research/The Greg Olsen Foundation provides hospitals, doctors and researchers the necessary resources to save those affected with various types of debilitating diseases. The organization collaborates and partners with other organizations to help find a cure for these diseases. The primary goal of Receptions for Research is to make sure that everyone has a second chance in life.