Christian McCaffrey executive produced a new documentary about football in Germany

Christian McCaffrey does it all on the football field. In 2018, he rushed for more than 1,000 yards and led the team with 107 receptions. He even threw a touchdown pass.

And get this: McCaffrey is also the executive producer of a documentary about American football in Germany.

It's titled "Unicorn Town," and it follows an American playing for the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns of The German League.

"It's an underdog story about the rise of a team," McCaffrey said. "And it's amazing to see the influence that American football has on this small town in Germany. The whole town rallies behind American football. It's kind of unheard of."

McCaffrey's friend Nick Alfieri was "Mr. Everything" for this documentary. Alfieri, who played college football at Georgetown, was the main character of the film, suiting up for the Unicorns while also directing, producing, filming and editing every step of the way.

They met through Alfieri's younger brother, Joey, who was McCaffrey's best friend and roommate at Stanford.

"I minored in film in college, so I've always been into movies and TV shows," McCaffrey said. "My job in this has just been to let Nick do what he does best. He's very talented, and I just want to help in any way I can."

Alfieri realized he missed football after enrolling in film school at USC, so he decided drop out and play for the Unicorns, documenting the experience with the help of a local cinematographer.

"Football in Europe has never been on screen really," Alfieri said. "The story that unfolded is actually kind of crazy."

A trailer for the documentary was released Tuesday night, marking the culmination of a demanding storytelling process.

"It's been over three years of work and the anticipation just builds and builds," Alfieri said. "It's hard to know when the story is complete with documentaries because you are kind of finding it as you go. But the story is there and it feels really good."

Added McCaffrey: "It's like you're practicing for three years for one game. Everything that's been done, all the chips are in on one game. It's pretty special."

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