Fantasy Football Fun: Week 12

Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs

The Rams and the Chiefs weren't the only ones posting big numbers on Monday Night Football.

Yours truly rolled with the Kansas City combo of Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill to a second consecutive week as the only competitor to top the century mark, extending my overall lead. Mahomes, Hill and Rams quarterback Jared Goff were the top three overall scorers in the scoring system for Week 11.

Fantasy football analyst John Halpin also had Mahomes and finished second for the week to move into second overall, but he also picked Todd Gurley, who somehow in a 54-51 game had his lowest fantasy score of the season. Halpin and Josh Klein of the Riot Report – close behind in third place – benefitted from Panthers receiver DJ Moore's big day in Detroit.

At the other end of the standings, Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer can't seem to master the nonsensical idea of tanking, finishing third for the week after placing fourth last week after declaring her decision to take a dive. She's still in last place but is now right behind fading co-workers Bill Voth and Max Henson. Spectrum News sports director Mike Solarte passed the not-do-dynamic duo in the overall standings with another solid lineup that included Hill.

Bryan Strickland
Max Henson
Bill Voth
Jordan Gross
Jim Szoke
Total Pts (rank) 939.84 (1st) 792.88 (9th) 794.90 (8th) 841.80 (5th) 823.68 (6th)
Last week 105.32 (1st) 53.26 (10th) 56.27 (9th) 74.90 (7th) 82.62 (5th)
QB A. Luck D. Brees D. Brees D. Brees D. Brees
RB M. Ingram A. Jones N. Chubb S. Barkley L. McCoy
RB M. Breida N. Chubb M. Mack M. Mack A. Jones
WR DJ Moore DJ Moore J. Jones DJ Moore DJ Moore
WR S. Diggs T.Y. Hilton M. Goodwin T.Y. Hilton D. Hopkins
TE A. Hooper E. Ebron G. Olsen Z. Ertz E. Ebron
Jourdan Rodrigue
Mike Solarte
Kelsey Riggs
Josh Klein
John Halpin
Total Pts (rank) 780.54 (10th) 816.74 (7th) 856.12 (4th) 900.48 (3rd) 907.86 (2nd)
Last week 94.00 (3rd) 81.00 (6th) 67.30 (8th) 85.40 (4th) 99.62 (2nd)
QB C. Newton A. Luck D. Brees C. Newton L. Jackson
RB D. Cook D. Cook M. Gordon S. Michel M. Ingram
RB M. Breida M. Ingram L. Fournette T. Riddick M. Mack
WR T. Lockett DJ Moore DJ Moore C. Samuel D. Funchess
WR C. Ridley D. Thomas A. Thielen A. Cooper A. Thielen
TE C. Brate G. Kittle V. McDonald Z. Ertz Z. Ertz

For Thanksgiving week, six of the 10 panelists are hoping for a second heaping helping from Moore on Sunday against the Seahawks, and five folks are getting things started early by turning to Drew Brees on Thanksgiving evening against the Falcons. I tried to take Jameis Winston and hoped he'd stop being so giving, but I didn't realize I had already taken him so I turned to our digital intern and hoped for a little luck. Jelani told me to pick Andrew Luck.

At running back, I tried to take Luck's equally on-fire teammate Marlon Mack but forgot I'd already taken him as well. So instead I'll turn to a Saint that's been hot himself: Mark Ingram has rushed for 100 yards two straight weeks and scored three touchdowns. I'll pair him with 49ers running back Matt Breida, one of the few constants for an offense that has improved of late despite persistent injuries at quarterback.

At receiver, in addition to Moore, I'm going with another University of Maryland product in Stefon Diggs against the Packers. After a slow start by his standards, Diggs' last two games produced 100-plus receiving yards and a touchdown. At tight end, I'm looking to Austin Hooper of the Falcons in what could be a turkey day shootout in New Orleans. The position hasn't produced much this year, but I've still got Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce and Greg Olsen as picks to come down the stretch.