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Panthers announce voting for Silver Season Plays, presented by Coca-Cola

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You voted for the best players. Now it's time to vote for the best plays.

As we continue to celebrate 25 seasons of Panthers football, you will now have the opportunity to vote for your 25 favorite plays in Panthers history through 1-on-1 matchups, bracket-style.

You will get to vote every week in each round of matchups until a final matchup is determined for the best play in Panthers history, presented by Coca-Cola. Each new round begins on Tuesday, starting on August 6 and going through September 3.

With 25 plays in the bracket, seven plays were given byes for the first round. Click on the thumbnails in the polls to watch each play again. To view all of the 25 plays that will be voted on, click here.

You are allowed to vote once during each round. The final winning play will be unveiled at the season opener against Los Angeles.

To read and watch more about the first 25 seasons of Panthers football, click here.