Panthers will launch App Drops throughout 2022 Draft

App Drops

CHARLOTTE - Panthers fans, you're officially on the clock.

This week, the Panthers app will have a number of App Drops for fans to enter to win cool prizes, including a signed Christian McCaffrey jersey, signed Brian Burns helmet and printed season tickets from the 2003 Super Bowl season.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Panthers app will send out a push notification at a random time with a link to enter to win. You better act fast, because you'll only have as much time as the Panthers have to get in their picks that day.

That's right. The giveaways are only open for 10 minutes on Thursday, seven minutes on Friday and five minutes on Saturday.

Make sure to download the app, go to Settings and select the Promotions box under push notifications in order to get an alert when the timer has started.

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