Stadium enhancements progressing


CHARLOTTE – Five weeks have passed since the Panthers broke ground on enhancements to Bank of America Stadium, and director of stadium operations Scott Paul provided a progress report on Friday.

Despite challenges presented by the recent snowstorm, phase one of this project is still expected to be completed by July 1.

"We have had some inclement weather issues. That did set us back a little bit, but Turner (Construction) has built that inclement weather into the pre-construction schedule," Paul said. "They feel very good about where we are with the schedule five weeks in."

"We're at about 10,000 man hours on our escalator project. We're at about 30,000 man hours on what you see inside the stadium on our (audio/video) projects. On any given day we've got 175-200 men working."

The most noticeable change so far has been the demolition of the old scoreboards atop the stadium.

"They are in the process right now of reinforcing the boards," Paul said. "We are reinforcing the structure on the outside with 14,000-pound steel racker plates. That work will start over the next couple weeks."

The four escalator bays are all in various stages of development. The south bay is the furthest along with the structural columns in place.

"Our escalators right now are currently in transit," Paul said. "They are in a shipping container, and we expect to receive those in the next couple weeks."

The ribbon boards inside the stadium have been removed, and brackets for the new ones are being installed. Previously, the ribbon boards were only located on the 300 level, but new 360-degree LED ribbon boards will be installed on both the 300 and 500 levels in March. Speakers for the distributed sound system are also currently being installed.


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