Three Questions With: Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio


Brian Angelichio first started working with tight ends in 2006 at the University of Pittsburgh. He's been coaching the position ever since. Now he's working for his fifth NFL team (Bucs, Browns, Packers, Redskins) as a member of Matt Rhule's staff in Carolina.

Here are three questions with Angelichio:

How much has the tight end position evolved since you started coaching it?

"With the different degrees of offenses, the requirements of the position have certainly increased. Many of them are heavily involved in the passing game with third-down value versus a linebacker or safety. Those are traits that people are looking for, to have that target over the middle of the field, controlling inside the numbers. With that being said, you are also expected to block like a lineman. You can't hide the tight end in the run game. It's a critical factor. And then they're going to be used in protections to block some of those edge rushers."

What's your proudest moment as a coach?

"I just think anytime you see a player have success and the joy that comes with seeing them excited. That gets me excited. I've been blessed to be around a lot of guys who have tremendous success in this league and guys I have learned a great deal from. Whether it's a guy becoming a Pro Bowler or a rookie free agent making contributions, just seeing them have success is where you feel like you've had an impact."

What are your first impressions of Matt Rhule?

"I never worked with Coach Rhule before, but I knew him from when I was coaching in college at Pittsburgh and he was at Temple. We recruited the same area (Philadelphia). But working with him now, first off he's extremely smart. He has a very clear vision of what he wants. He cares about his coaches, that's evident. He cares about the players, and they'll see that from Day One. He knows what he wants to do and is a tremendous organizer."

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