Twitter Waterboy gets his wish at Panthers training camp


SPARTANBURG -- It all started with a tweet from 15-year-old Christopher Borden at 4:08 on August 11.

"How many retweets to become a Waterboy?"

The @Panthers responded with a number: 10K.

And thanks to the power of social media, the goal was quickly met. At the time of this post, the tweet has 11.8K retweets.

"I was psyched," Borden said. "It really hit me when @nfldraftscout retweeted it, I saw how many followers he had and I saw change the rate of how many retweets I was getting and I couldn't believe it."

A deal is a deal. So on Wednesday, the final day of training camp, Borden was invited to be a waterboy at practice.

He met a bunch of players, got a bunch of autographs, and yes, he provided wide receivers Curtis Samuel and Torrey Smith with some H2O.

"I was doubtful at first," Borden said. "But this is the best day of my life so far."

He said his dad had three words for the experience: Excited, surprised and overwhelmed.

It's amazing what a single tweet can do.