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All-Time Series vs. Rams

All-Time Series: Panthers vs. Rams

The Panthers are 13-9 all-time against the Rams. Carolina is 6-5 at home and 7-4 on the road at the Rams, including a playoff win in 2003.

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DateH/AResultScore (notes)
9/17/95ST. LOUISL10-13
11/12/95at St. LouisL17-28
10/13/96ST. LOUISW45-13
11/17/96at St. LouisW20-10
11/23/97at St. LouisW16-10
12/20/97ST. LOUISL18-30
11/22/98at St. LouisW24-20
12/20/98ST. LOUISW20-13
11/14/99at St. LouisL10-35
12/5/99ST. LOUISL21-34
11/5/00at St. LouisW27-24 (SNF)
12/3/00ST. LOUISW16-3
11/11/01at St. LouisL14-48
12/23/01ST. LOUISL32-38
1/10/04at St. LouisW29-23 (2OT) (NFC Divisional)
12/12/04ST. LOUISW20-7
11/19/06ST. LOUISW15-0
9/9/07at St. LouisW27-13
10/31/10at St. LouisL10-20
10/20/13ST. LOUISW30-15
11/6/16at Los AngelesW13-10
9/8/19LOS ANGELESL27-30