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Training Camp Fan Code of Conduct | Carolina Panthers -

Training Camp Fan Code of Conduct


To promote a high-energy environment to lend support to our team, while maintaining a wholesome, family-oriented atmosphere by defining certain acts or types of behavior that are unacceptable.


This policy applies to all employees of the Carolina Panthers, their sub-contractors, stadium visitors and ticketed patrons.


To ensure that all patrons have a pleasant experience, each patron should act responsibly and be considerate of others. Patrons should also be sensitive to the behavior of their guests.

The following acts or types of behavior will not be tolerated at Bank of America Stadium and Carolina Panthers Practice Fields.

-Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.

-Possessing and/or concealing a firearm, explosives or other weapons (weapons carried with permits are also prohibited).

-Possessing or using illegal drugs.

-Fighting, taunting or any action that may harm or endanger others.

-Harassing or threatening other patrons, stadium staff, players or game officials.

-Projecting images onto players, coaches, officials, broadcast or network employees or other sideline personnel by aiming a laser pointer, spotlight or other such device at them.

-Intoxication or other signs of alcohol and drug impairment that result in irresponsible behavior (Intoxicated patrons will not be admitted to the practice field spectator area).

-Offensive language or obscene gestures, to include the use of such language or gestures concerning a person's race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, creed, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identify/expression or national origin; or to instigate, incite or encourage a confrontation or physical assault.

-Nudity - to include the removal of shirts, blouses and other items of apparel that may offend others.

-Committing sexual acts or exhibiting lewd behavior.


-Liquor violations.

-Throwing objects (including footballs, beach balls).

-Entering the sideline area or playing field (trespassing).

-Video taping/audio recording of practice.

-Unreasonably obstructing the view of other patrons.

-Interference with the progress of practice (including throwing objects on the field).

-Any other acts or behavior that in the judgment of management poses a threat to other patrons or diminishes their enjoyment of the practice.

-Whether or not certain types of behavior and/or acts are inappropriate or offensive to others may depend on one's perspective and values. Management reserves the right to deem an act or exhibited behavior to be inappropriate and act accordingly.

Patrons who fail to comply with policies are subject to a warning, ejection or arrest. Acts such as fighting, being abusive to others, being intoxicated, throwing objects or committing other acts that may injure other patrons or disrupt the progress of the practice may result in ejection and/or arrest without prior warning.