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12/05/2017 Free agent signing LB Spencer Paysinger
12/05/2017 Reserve/injured LB Jared Norris (calf)
12/05/2017 Practice squad signing LB Richie Brown
12/02/2017 Reserve/injured T John Theus
12/02/2017 Signed from practice squad DE Zach Moore
12/01/2017 Activated from injured reserve WR Damiere Byrd
12/01/2017 Suspended DE Charles Johnson
11/24/2017 Activated from injured reserve to active roster TE Greg Olsen
11/24/2017 Reserve/injured WR Curtis Samuel
11/20/2017 Returned to practice/designated to return WR Damiere Byrd
11/20/2017 Returned to practice/designated to return TE Greg Olsen
11/01/2017 Free agent signing WR Brenton Bersin
10/31/2017 Traded WR Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo
10/31/2017 Practice squad signing TE Evan Baylis
10/31/2017 Terminated from practice squad TE Bucky Hodges
10/25/2017 Practice squad signing K Roberto Aguayo
10/25/2017 Released from practice squad WR Austin Duke
10/24/2017 Claimed WR Kaelin Clay off waivers from Buffalo
10/24/2017 Reserve/injured S Demetrious Cox (ankle)
10/17/2017 Released from practice squad Zeek Bigger
10/17/2017 Practice squad signing S Dezmen Southward
10/17/2017 Free agent signing LB Andrew Gachkar
10/17/2017 Waived QB Brad Kaaya
10/17/2017 Practice squad signing CB Zack Sanchez
10/17/2017 Practice squad signing RB Jalen Simmons
10/16/2017 Free agent signing QB Garrett Gilbert from practice squad
10/16/2017 Waived S Dezmen Southward
10/14/2017 Terminated from practice squad DL Mike Purcell
10/10/2017 Signed DL Mike Purcell to practice squad
10/06/2017 Signed from practice squad S Dezmen Southward
10/06/2017 Place on injured reserve DE Daeshon Hall (knee)
10/03/2017 Practice squad signing LB Zeek Bigger
10/03/2017 Waived with injury settlement LB Jeremy Cash
10/03/2017 Signed free agent S Jairus Byrd
10/03/2017 Placed on injured reserve WR Damiere Byrd (arm)
09/30/2017 Signed from practice squad DE Bryan Cox
09/30/2017 Injured reserve LB Jeremy Cash (calf)
09/27/2017 Released from practice squad/injured with injury settlement WR Keyarris Garrett
09/26/2017 Practice squad signing WR Jamaal Jones
09/21/2017 Practice squad signing WR Austin Duke
09/21/2017 Practice squad/injured WR Keyarris Garrett
09/19/2017 Practice squad signing WR Keyarris Garrett
09/19/2017 Free agent signing FB Alex Armah
09/19/2017 Injured reserve TE Greg Olsen
09/15/2017 Signed to practice squad TE Bucky Hodges
09/15/2017 Terminated from practice squad WR Keyarris Garrett
09/15/2017 Terminated from practice squad DT Eric Crume
09/15/2017 Practice squad signing K Harrison Butker
09/14/2017 Claimed off waivers T John Theus
09/14/2017 Injured reserve CB Cole Luke
09/13/2017 Claimed CB LaDarius Gunter off waivers
09/13/2017 Waived K Harrison Butker
09/11/2017 Waived with injury settlement S L.J. McCray
09/11/2017 Terminated vested veteran with injury settlement G Chris Scott
09/11/2017 Terminated vested veteran with injury settlement WR Brenton Bersin
09/08/2017 Terminated vested veteran with injury settlement C Gino Gradkowski
09/07/2017 Waived with injury settlement CB Zack Sanchez
09/05/2017 Practice squad signing FB Alex Armah
09/03/2017 Injured reserve CB Zack Sanchez
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing S Dezmen Southward
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing DT Eric Crume
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing S Damian Parms
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing DE Zach Moore
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing DE Efe Obada
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing DE Bryan Cox
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing T Blaine Clausell
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing WR Mose Frazier
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing WR Keyarris Garrett
09/03/2017 Practice squad signing QB Garrett Gilbert
09/03/2017 Injured reserve CB Corn Elder
09/03/2017 Waived FB Alex Armah
09/03/2017 Claim S Demetrious Cox off waivers
09/03/2017 Claim QB Brad Kaaya off waivers
09/03/2017 Acquired CB Kevon Seymour in trade
09/03/2017 Traded WR Kaelin Clay
09/02/2017 Injured reserve S L.J. McCray
09/02/2017 Injured reserve G Chris Scott
09/02/2017 Injured reserve WR Brenton Bersin
09/02/2017 Injured reserve C Gino Gradkowski
09/02/2017 Waived S Damian Parms
09/02/2017 Waived TE Eric Wallace
09/02/2017 Waived S Dezmen Southward
09/02/2017 Waived CB Jeff Richards
09/02/2017 Waived LB Zeek Bigger
09/02/2017 Waived LB Ben Boulware
09/02/2017 Waived DT Eric Crume
09/02/2017 Waived DT Toby Johnson
09/02/2017 Waived DE Bryan Cox
09/02/2017 Waived DE Larry Webster
09/02/2017 Waived DE Zach Moore
09/02/2017 Waived T Blaine Clausell
09/02/2017 Waived WR Mose Frazier
09/02/2017 Waived WR Austin Duke
09/02/2017 Waived WR Keyarris Garrett
09/02/2017 Waived RB Jalen Simmons
09/02/2017 Waived QB Garrett Gilbert
09/02/2017 Terminated/vested veteran P Andy Lee
09/02/2017 Terminated/vested veteran FB Darrel Young
09/02/2017 Terminated/vested veteran QB Joe Webb
09/01/2017 Terminated/vested veteran WR Trevor Graham
09/01/2017 Waived TE Bryce Williams
09/01/2017 Waived DE Efe Obada
09/01/2017 Waived DT Connor Wujciak
09/01/2017 Waived DE Arthur Miley
09/01/2017 Waived DT Gabriel Mass
09/01/2017 Waived CB Devonte Johnson
09/01/2017 Waived C Brian Folkerts
09/01/2017 Injured reserve G David Yankey
09/01/2017 Injured reserve CB Teddy Williams
09/01/2017 Injured reserve TE Scott Simonson
09/01/2017 Injured reserve WR Fred Ross
09/01/2017 Injured reserve T Dan France
09/01/2017 Waived/injured CB Zack Sanchez
08/15/2017 Waived with injury settlement S Dean Marlowe
08/14/2017 Reserved/injured DT Drew Iddings
08/13/2017 Signed as a free agent DT Connor Wujciak
08/13/2017 Waived/injured DT Drew Iddings
08/12/2017 Signed free agent C Brian Folkerts
08/12/2017 Waived T Tyrus Thompson
08/10/2017 Waived with injury settlement S Travell Dixon
08/09/2017 Reserved/injured S Dean Marlowe
08/08/2017 Claimed off waivers DE Arthur Miley
08/08/2017 Waived/injured S Dean Marlowe
08/04/2017 Injured reserve S Travell Dixon
08/03/2017 Signed free agent TE Bryce Williams
08/03/2017 Waived/injured S Travell Dixon
08/01/2017 Free agent signing CB Devonte Johnson
08/01/2017 Waived WR Cameron Posey
07/29/2017 Waived TE Wyatt Houston
07/29/2017 Free agent signing S Damian Parms
07/28/2017 Free agent signing DT Drew Iddings
07/26/2017 Injured reserve WR Charles Johnson
07/25/2017 Free agent signing C Greg Van Roten
07/25/2017 Waived/injured WR Charles Johnson
07/25/2017 Waived/failed physical DE Ryan Delaire
07/24/2017 Free agent signing WR Trevor Graham
07/21/2017 Extension signing G Trai Turner
07/20/2017 Released/failed physical T Michael Oher
06/13/2017 Waived S Brian Blechen
06/13/2017 Free agent signing WR Cameron Posey
05/31/2017 Free agent signing TE Wyatt Houston
05/31/2017 Waived/injury settlement TE Desean Smith
05/30/2017 Waived LB Alex Bazzie
05/30/2017 Free agent signing LB Zeek Bigger
05/30/2017 Assigned to practice squad DE Efe Obada
05/18/2017 Waiver claim DT Toby Johnson
05/18/2017 Waived LB Kyle Kragen
05/16/2017 Waived T Pearce Slater
05/16/2017 Free agent signing TE Desean Smith
05/08/2017 Free agent signing LB Alex Bazzie
05/08/2017 Free agent signing LB Kyle Kragen
05/08/2017 Free agent signing DT Gabriel Mass
05/05/2017 Undrafted rookie signing LB Ben Boulware
05/05/2017 Undrafted rookie signing DE Bryan Cox
05/05/2017 Undrafted rookie signing WR Austin Duke
05/05/2017 Undrafted rookie signing CB Cole Luke
05/05/2017 Undrafted rookie signing WR Fred Ross
05/03/2017 Waiver claim DE Zach Moore
05/02/2017 Waived S Tre Boston
05/02/2017 Waived FB Devon Johnson
05/02/2017 Waived T Jordan Rigsbee
05/02/2017 Waived T Jake Rodgers
05/02/2017 Waived CB Lou Young
05/01/2017 Waived CB Tyler Patmon
04/29/2017 Drafted K Harrison Butker (7)
04/29/2017 Drafted FB Alex Armah (6)
04/29/2017 Drafted CB Corn Elder (5)
04/28/2017 Drafted DE Daeshon Hall (3)
04/28/2017 Drafted T Taylor Moton (2b)
04/28/2017 Drafted WR Curtis Samuel (2a)
04/27/2017 Drafted RB Christian McCaffrey (1)
04/17/2017 Extension signing DT Kawann Short
04/10/2017 Free agent signing WR Kaelin Clay
03/24/2017 Free agent signing QB Garrett Gilbert
03/24/2017 Extension signing RB Jonathan Stewart
03/20/2017 Unrestricted free agent re-signing CB Teddy Williams
03/15/2017 Unrestricted free agent re-signing DT Kyle Love
03/13/2017 Unrestricted free agent re-signing G Chris Scott
03/11/2017 Traded DE Kony Ealy
03/11/2017 Free agent signing WR Charles Johnson
03/11/2017 Unrestricted free agent signing T Matt Kalil
03/11/2017 Unrestricted free agent signing CB Captain Munnerlyn
03/11/2017 Unrestricted free agent signing DE Julius Peppers
03/11/2017 Unrestricted free agent signing WR Russell Shepard
03/10/2017 Unrestricted free agent signing S Mike Adams
03/08/2017 Extension signing DE Charles Johnson
03/08/2017 Extension signing RB Fozzy Whittaker
03/07/2017 Extension signing WR Brenton Bersin
03/07/2017 Extension signing S Colin Jones
02/27/2017 Extension signing DE Mario Addison
02/27/2017 Extension signing DE Wes Horton
02/27/2017 Designated franchise player DT Kawann Short
02/21/2017 Released DT Paul Soliai
02/21/2017 Released FB Mike Tolbert
02/17/2017 Free agent signing G Amini Silatolu
02/08/2017 Extension signing LB Ben Jacobs
01/18/2017 Future signing WR Mose Frazier
01/12/2017 Future signing S Dezmen Southward
01/05/2017 Future signing S L.J. McCray
01/04/2017 Future signing CB Jeff Richards
01/03/2017 Future signing S Brian Blechen
01/03/2017 Future signing T Jake Rodgers
01/03/2017 Future signing FB Darrel Young
01/02/2017 Future signing T Blaine Clausell
01/02/2017 Future signing DT Eric Crume
01/02/2017 Future signing WR Keyarris Garrett
01/02/2017 Future signing CB Tyler Patmon
01/02/2017 Future signing RB Jalen Simmons
01/02/2017 Future signing TE Scott Simonson
01/02/2017 Future signing T Pearce Slater
01/02/2017 Future signing T Tyrus Thompson
01/02/2017 Future signing TE Eric Wallace
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