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2024 Mock Draft Report 3.0

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CHARLOTTE — With the recent trade that sent pass-rusher Brian Burns to the New York Giants for two draft picks, including this year's second-rounder (39th overall), the Panthers suddenly have more options with which to work in the Top 40.

So it's worth taking a look to see who the draft experts are thinking might be in the neighborhood.

As with our earlier Mock Draft Matrix, it's helpful as a gauge on the relative range of players, rather than any indication of specific interest.

We'll keep tabs on all the mock drafts between now and April 25-27 here at
33rd and 39th
TE - Ben Sinnott
Kansas State

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*Las Vegas Raiders projected trade with the Carolina Panthers for the 33rd pick.

Pro Football Network
33rd and 39th
WR - Ladd McConkey, Edge - Adisa Isaac
Georgia, Penn State

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Draft Network
33rd and 39th
WR - Ladd McConkey, Edge - Marshawn Kneeland
Western Michigan, Georgia

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Pro Football Focus
33rd and 39th
pff logo
WR - Ladd McConkey, LB - Payton Wilson
Georgia, NC State

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The Carolina Panthers were busy in free agency this week, signing multiple players on both sides of the ball. The first wave arrived on Thursday and Friday, getting a tour of Bank of America Stadium, meeting coaches, teammates and taking in their new home.

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