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Carolina Panthers

Bring It Back: A trip down memory lane

When you think back on some of the Panthers' most memorable games, it's hard to find one that doesn't include one or more of the four inductees from this year's Hall of Honor class. Jake Delhomme, Jordan Gross, Wesley Walls, and Steve Smith created more memories for Panthers fans than we could count. But wouldn't it be fun to try?

So, let's do it.

For the next month, we want to hear your stories. Tell us about the Christmas when you received a Smith jersey, or how you and your family would walk around the house yelling "show me the Chicken" when it was time for dinner. Or maybe it was a game day when you were a kid and Walls handed you his towel after a big win or how Gross met your kid before a game and how much it meant to you as his father seeing your child's eyes light up. Whatever memory you have of these four players making your experience as a Panthers fan better, we want to hear it! Even better, we want to see it! If you send us a video of you telling your favorite memory there's a chance Delhomme, Gross, Walls or Smith may see it themselves.

So to kick this off, I'll go first.

This will probably be the most popular response because it was just that good. Yep, I'm talking about when the Panthers took down the Greatest Show on Turf in January of 2004. To be honest, I was 10 at the time and didn't fully understand how big of a deal it was to beat this particular Rams team. But I do remember how the first overtime ended with a Delhomme sack and how he got up looking frustrated. I thought, for sure, the Rams would win. I mean they got our quarterback all confused! (Cut me some slack, I was 10.)

Then, it happened! On the very next play, with three Hall of Honor inductees on the field, Delhomme found Smith on a beautiful pass down the middle of the field. Let's not forget this was on third-and-14 thanks to that sack I was so distraught over. As soon as Smith slipped through the secondary, my house erupted with cheers!

I may not remember much else about that game, because like any typical 10-year old I'm sure I was distracted with other things. But I remember the cheers from the living room and the conversations years later.

Is this your favorite game too? Tell us about it! And remember, if you send us a video telling your story we may show the guys themselves.

Post your video on social media tagging @ncarolinecann or send to We can't wait to relive your favorite moments!