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Carolina Panthers

Bring It Back: Is that Jordan Gross?

This week's episode of The Hall began with Jordan Gross answering a FaceTime call from owner David Tepper while wearing a big ol' cowboy hat. There was no better way to set the tone for this episode than that opening shot.

A lot has changed since the days when we watched number 69 protect the blindside of Panthers' quarterbacks, and this episode touches on all of the big changes for Gross and his family – which I will confidently say, includes Steve Smith Sr. Not sure what I mean? Just watch the episode and tell me those two don't consider each other family!

This episode is full of great storylines, but one of the touchpoints that didn't quite make the final cut was that of Jordan's physical appearance. When I first saw his interview, I thought it must have been an extra interview with a friend or business partner of his. Not Gross, himself! The once 305-pound offensive lineman is now 70 pounds lighter. He looks more like a pass catcher than a lineman.

It's not unusual to see players drop weight after their playing days. A recent example: former Cleveland Brown lineman Joe Thomas dropped 80 pounds after retiring in 2018. But it is still shocking to see the transformations. I imagine that many of us would pass Gross on the street and never think he was an all-time great offensive lineman.

So, we had to ask him, "how'd you do it?"

I'll save you the word count and let you watch it yourself, but Gross said his journey to feeling the way he does included a little bit of experimenting with workouts and a whole lot of listening to his body.

While his physical appearance has certainly changed, his character has not. Gross welcomed our camera crew to his farm, introduced us to his family, and gave a peek into his life after football.

I think I say this every week, but this episode will be tough to beat! Be sure to catch the next episode on Wesley Walls that will be released on Tuesday, July 2nd.

View photos of Jordan Gross during his photoshoot for the Hall of Honor.