Cam Newton opens up about his injury in new YouTube post

Cam Newton posted a new vlog on his YouTube channel Friday night, outlining his perspective on his left foot injury and admitting that he wasn't himself during the first two games of the regular season.

Take a look at the 15-minute video titled, "The Truth About Why I'm Sidelined" below:

Newton, who has always prided himself on exhibiting toughness on the field, said he wanted to be out there for his "fans and team" at the start of the season. But he explained those first two games "humbled" him, and he realized he needed to take time away to recover.

"I needed to see that me at 80 percent is not OK," Newton said. "When I came down to the realization of what my next move should be, it was clear as day. I need to get back to 100 percent.

"At the end of the day, I got to get right," Newton added. "I got to get right."

As for long how long that might take, he's not quite sure.

"It could be a week, it could be two weeks, it could be three weeks, it could be four weeks, it could be six weeks," Newton said. "But the thing I have to understand and know -- if it takes that time, I trust in this team that they will, we will, be in a great situation by the time I get back."

In the meantime, Newton insisted he'll do anything he can to help Kyle Allen and the Panthers succeed in his absence.

"I'm going to be of assistance to everybody, especially for Kyle, and give everything I know about this game to them. And I know that they'll be coached right," Newton said. "I'm going to be the biggest fan, the biggest cheerleader for the Panthers."