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Off The Field

Christian McCaffrey channels Beethoven to get you ready for new season 

CMC plays piano

It's that time of year when NFL teams attempt to excite their fan bases with hype videos ahead of the coming season. And what could possibly exhilarate football fans more than — Beethoven?

Sure, perhaps that's not the most obvious connection, but Christian McCaffrey was all-in when the Panthers Productions media team asked him to play a starring role.

"I loved the idea," McCaffrey said. "It reminded me of the [boxing] movie ‘Warrior’ where they walk out to their fights to Beethoven to keep them focused."

But there was a small hitch. McCaffrey, an avid piano player, didn't have Beethoven in his repertoire.

"They told me to learn 'Moonlight Sonata,' he said, "so I went home and took a couple days to learn it."

Actually, McCaffrey clarified, it only took about a couple hours to learn his part. After a few days of editing, he was able to see the finished product.

"I love it. I think they did a heck of a job with it, made it look really cool," McCaffrey said. "It definitely fired me up."

Hopefully, it does the same for you: