DJ Moore surprises UNC Charlotte shooting victim at hospital


CHARLOTTE – Like all of us, wide receiver DJ Moore was stunned and saddened when he learned of the tragic shooting at UNC Charlotte.

Moore was compelled to do something about it, to bring some positivity to the situation, so his agent got in contact with the family of Drew Pescaro – a 19-year-old student who was among those injured.

On Sunday, they arranged a surprise visit at the hospital where Pescaro is still recovering from surgery.

"It was such a big shock in the community," Moore said. "I went by and talked to him for about 30 minutes. Just tried to make his day and bring his family up. Everybody just had a good time, good vibes."

Moore's mother joined him on the visit, and she spent time with Pescaro's mother at the hospital.

"My mom and his mom had a moment," Moore said. "That was real."

Pescaro, a sports writer for the student newspaper, shared the following post on social media after Moore stopped by. Pescaro also received a visit from former Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart last Thursday.

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