Watch: Efe Obada gets a special visit from two young Londoners

CHARLOTTE – The stalls were empty with the 2018 season complete, but the Panthers locker room was full of life Friday afternoon thanks to Efe Obada.

Obada took part in a meet and greet with two teenagers from the same part of London the hulking defensive end is from. They hit it off instantly, and as we know, Obada and his big personality can light up any room.

"Honestly, this is amazing. This is the part I enjoy, especially with these kids from London," Obada said, who had the kids laughing as soon as he introduced himself. "I don't even know how this happened!"

Nike, in collaboration with BIGKID's youth football training program, selected two participants, Jayden and Vanessa, for this special opportunity to travel to Charlotte and connect with Obada as a reward for their outstanding attitude and commitment.

They were given a full tour of Bank of America Stadium, which concluded at Obada's locker. They tried on his shoulder pads and helmet and got to know more about Obada's journey.

"I see myself in them," Obada said. "Stuff like this is never going to get old. And it's just motivation for me as well."

View photos of Efe Obada as he visits with two London youths at Bank of America Stadium.