#FlexFriday: The Backstory

Cam Newton is a leader, especially when it comes to #FlexFriday.

Early in the week, Cam expressed his desire to do a group photo for #FlexFriday. The photo would be taken Thursday morning after workouts, also known as Day One of the 2019 NFL Draft. For members of the Panthers digital team, a long day just got longer.

It was toward the end of the weight room session when Cam was reminded about the photo. Cam lit up and rallied his offensive teammates. At first, no one was interested in taking their shirts off. Then Cam went shirtless. Greg Olsen, riding off a high of setting a new personal record in the power clean, proceeded to rip his shirt off and chest-bump Newton. After that, everyone ditched their shirts.

Yup, even the new guy Matt Paradis got in on the fun.

Olsen, ever the comedian, did several push-ups before the photo was taken for some last-minute swoleness. And after spotting the perfect location to capture the image, the guys gathered around their star quarterback.

With everyone's poses set, the images were captured. Each player got a look, but ultimately final approval came down to Olsen, the elder statesmen. "I'm the oldest guy on the team," he proclaimed. "I get final approval."

He stared at the photo in the camera for a good 10 seconds.

Then he uttered these words: "Why," Olsen said. "Did I stand next to this guy!"

That guy to Olsen's right is RIPPED wide receiver Andre Levrone, who signed a reserve future contract this offseason. He just became a lot more popular.

Newton then discussed the roll-out plan with the content team. It's quickly decided that this will become a weekly occurrence.

Until next time, happy #FlexFriday from your Carolina Panthers.

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