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Greg Olsen on partnership with Cam Newton: "There wasn't anybody better than us"


CHARLOTTE -- After the final practice of the 2019 season, tight end Greg Olsen met with a small group of reporters and again acknowledged that the finale against New Orleans could be his last game. You can read a full Q&A with Olsen here, courtesy of The Riot Report.

"If it is, let's enjoy it and make the most of it," Olsen said. "I have a lot of things I look back and feel proud of."

Olsen has a lot of family still in town for the holidays, so a large contingent will be there to support No. 88.

IF it is Olsen's last game, it's a shame he won't be sharing the huddle with Cam Newton. Those two formed an incredibly productive QB-TE partnership beginning when they both got to Carolina in 2011. From 2014-16, Olsen became the first tight end with three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.

"Obviously, Cam and I have had a lot of success together," Olsen said. "It wasn't until I got hurt, then he got hurt… But for the years that we rolled together when we played every game together, there wasn't anybody better than us. That's just the reality of it. That seven-year run was as good as anybody. He's been great for my career, I've been on record with that."

Olsen was then asked how Newton's return from another injury-riddled season would impact him.

"If he came back, that would be awesome. I think that'd be great for the organization," Olsen said. "How that impacts me? I just don't know how all those things line up. We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

Regardless of what the future holds, Olsen wants to see the Panthers back in contention like they were when he and Newton were at their best.

"I want them to hire a great coach and build this team back to what we were able to build over the years," Olsen said. "I live here. My kids are fans of this team. I want this team to be successful long after I'm gone. That's what's been the most frustrating part, just knowing how this season ended for a lot of guys (coaches and players) who were a part of that build. We weren't good enough collectively. It's a tough way to end it, but that's the way it goes."