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Grill Bill: Andrew Norwell or Star Lotulelei?


I don't see them tagging either. 

The problem with tagging guards is they don't have a separate delineation. All offensive linemen are combined into one group, so higher-paid tackles raise this number significantly. In 2017, the cost to tag an offensive lineman was $14.3 million. It'll likely be even higher this season, and I can't see the Panthers keeping Norwell around for one year at that cost.

Same thing with Lotulelei. The tag for defensive tackles last season was $13.4 million, a neighborhood I can't imagine the Panthers would entertain at a one-year rate.  

Now, would they offer competitive contracts? That depends on what Norwell, Lotulelei and their agents deem competitive. 

Teams really shouldn't be in the business of developing starters only to let them head elsewhere, but sometimes you've got to fold your hand when other teams throw out bigger money than you're willing to spend. It's still early, but that's how I see things playing out with Norwell and Lotulelei. 

This would be a good question for Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly since quarterbacks are so dependent on solid lines, and linebackers can roam better when they have big space fillers ahead of them. 

But I'm pretty sure I know what most fans would say, and I agree. 


The better the offensive line, the better it is for Newton and a power-blocking scheme the Panthers will continue to run under new offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Plus, Norwell is in many ways “the heart of the line.” But, again, I don't think the Panthers will bring out the Brink's truck for him. Trai Turner got his big deal last summer, and philosophically, I don't think they'll spend huge money on two guards. 

Jay apparently didn't read last week's Grill Bill

So many have different definitions of No. 1 receivers. I was talking with someone smart about this topic the other day, and he sees No. 1 wideouts as guys like Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. Those are top-tier players, and while Funchess has room to grow, it's tough to see him reaching elite status. 

Does Funchess have enough potential to be the top target here? It looked that way before he played with a banged-up shoulder during the final month of the season. 

We can all agree the Panthers need to upgrade the receiving corps, but to me, there are no surefire No. 1s about to hit the market. There are some guys out there who could certainly help, but if Funchess isn't on the level of Jones or Brown, neither are Jarvis Landry or Sammy Watkins. I'd gladly take either, though. 

I'll go with Alex Armah. I don't know who originally nicknamed him "Armageddon," but that's great.  

This question is also an excuse to bring up my favorite nickname over the past few years. Newton called former wide receiver-turned-tight end Marcus Lucas "Mucas." I don't know why I find that so funny, but it's incredible.

I answered a similar question last week and still have the same opinion. Defensive end – specifically a guy who can play on the left side. 

I haven't seen much clamoring for O-line, at least not as much as in past offseasons. But I have seen some folks willing to trade Darryl Williams, which I really don't get. Tackle has been such a big issue for years. So then a guy quietly plays at a Pro Bowl level and you're willing to ship him out because you think Taylor Moton can just plug and play? What if he can't? 

You get me so well, SalesMan. 

I've been fascinated by the trivago guy for a while. I can see why think he's trying too hard, but he is Joe Cool Hotel Advice Guy and I'd like to be him when I grow up. 

The app isn't all that, though. 

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