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Grill Bill: How will the GM process play out?


Both options are still on the table.

While Marty Hurney has been cleared legally, the NFL is investigating, and it's impossible to predict a timetable or outcome. So as of today, with Hurney on paid administrative leave, there is no clear-cut answer for a fluid situation.

The Panthers' veteran staff is working on everything, led by head coach Ron Rivera. Others include director of college scouting Jeff Morrow, senior executive scout Don Gregory and director of pro personnel Matt Allen.

66 days from now, on the first day of offseason workouts. 

We're currently in a dead period the Players Association negotiated into the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Players can chat with coaches about their families, the Olympics or what they're doing this summer, but anything football-related before April 16 is a violation. 

Website submission from Douglas in Fayetteville: *Why are we not looking for another running back to replace Jonathan Stewart??? Our running game SUCKS!! *

Why are you assuming they're not looking to improve the run game?

Free agency is a month away. The draft is in late April.

Would you like them to share their plans with the rest of the league? Or, who exactly would you like them to add right now?

I'd expect big things for Olsen under Norv Turner, whose offenses have historically featured highly productive tight ends. 

As for Dickson, remember, he's set to be an unrestricted free agent. He has some value and has expressed interest in returning, but whether Dickson's back or not, the Panthers need to get younger at the position. 

That sounds like a stat for Pro Football Focus, but it doesn't look like they track it. 

Kuechly's problem isn't that he's not allowed to grow one, it's as he told me in 2016, "I think it'd probably take me a good month and a half, two months for anything to actually come out."

You're good buds with noted beard expert Ryan Kalil, Joey. Perhaps he can call in for next week's Grill Bill? 

Email from Parker: How likely do you think it is that whomever ends up as the GM cuts Charles Johnson? It just seems like a whole lot of cap space to be had if CJ was gone.

With the Panthers thin at defensive end, there's a chance he could be back for a 12th year. 

But over Johnson's past three injury-interrupted seasons, he has just 5.0 sacks in 34 games. So from a business perspective, it'd be hard not to let him go and save the $3.2 million he's set to count against the cap. 

Website submission from Jim in Tar Heel, N.C.: *What is the possibility that the Panthers could restructure Matt Kalil's contract? Instead of outright cutting him and taking on all that dead money, is there any indication that restructuring is a possibility? *

First of all, is it common knowledge there's a town called Tar Heel in North Carolina? I had no clue. 

The Panthers aren't going to cut Kalil, and he has no incentive to restructure. I get a portion of the fan base saw all they needed to of their new left tackle last season, but for what it's worth, Kalil spent last offseason rehabbing after hip surgery. This offseason he'll be able to focus on building strength, which could help him in 2018. 

While I think both take away from the flavor of wings/sauce, this is easy.

I've never understood blue cheese (or is it bleu cheese?). Ranch is one of man's all-time great creations. 

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