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Grill Bill: Still waiting, uniform furor and Gatorade


I get why on the outside it may appear there's confusion on the inside, but nothing has changed from last week when I mentioned a group that includes head coach Ron Rivera, director of college scouting Jeff Morrow, senior executive scout Don Gregory and director of pro personnel Matt Allen.

COO Tina Becker is still leading those talks. And, sure, since Hurney's been in the building the past seven months and has spent the bulk of that time preparing a plan for this offseason, he has a huge advantage. But that's still not a sure thing considering he's inside a league investigation – one that will hopefully wrap up soon. 

After he spent last season on the practice squad as part of the NFL's International Player Pathway Program, the Panthers signed defensive end Efe Obada to a futures contract in January. They didn't do that out of charity. Coaches truly are intrigued. 

Obada, a London native by way of Nigeria, came to the Panthers as raw as you would've expected. By the end of the season, there was a light flickering. I'm not saying he's going to carve out a significant role anytime soon, but they're excited to get a longer look at him this summer.  


Email from Jeremiah:Hey Bill, I have a really hard hitting question for you. Is there any sense in the building whether or not a new owner might be inclined to try updated logos, uniforms, and field design? I know the obvious answer is that it will depend on the new owner, but I am just curious if there is any buzz around the office about the possibility. Thanks!

Well, Jeremiah, you're one of THREE who sent in hard-hitting uniform questions this week. 

Of Steve Smith's many memorable lines, one of my favorites remains, "We're all day-to-day." So times that by how much when you're in the limbo of waiting for new ownership?

To answer your questions, no, I haven't heard any non-fan mention black helmets or a logo at midfield lately. And since, yes, stuff like this completely depends on the new owner – and most ownership speculation you're likely hearing is glorified dart throwing – your guess is as good as mine. 

Because the world is conspiring against you. 

This I can answer. 

Through dogged reporting, the guesstimate I was told landed between 1,500 and 2,000 cases.

The most popular flavor: Glacier Freeze. 

Website submission from Jason in Hickory:With Norv Turner's ties to the Vikings and Jerick McKinnon's recent desire to be the number one back, do you see him as a free agent pick up?

After four seasons in Minnesota, McKinnon wants to get paid. I don't see the Panthers making much of a free agent investment on a position that's so deep in the draft, especially for a guy who'd be redundant to Christian McCaffrey. If they're going to add a back, it should be someone who can be a difference-maker between the tackles. 

First, it's spelled Kalil. 

Second, because he's still one of the best centers in the game when healthy, I think it's worth giving Ryan the chance to go out on a high note. And, like I said of his brother Matt last week, having to rehab last offseason set Ryan back. Having this spring and summer to work on strength could make a big difference. 

You get me, Mike. Well done. 

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