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Carolina Panthers

Happy Half Hour Recap: Myles moves on

In this week's episode of the Happy Half Hour podcast presented by Morris-Jenkins, hosts Kristen Balboni and Will Bryan make a sad announcement and think philosophically.

Podcast highlights include:

1:05 - Kristen and Will make a big announcement

2:13 - Overheard: Myles Simmons Edition

6:14 - Kristen and Will play "What if?"

9:40 - What if COVID-19 occurred 10 years ago?

12:05 - What if Joey Slye made the NFL record field goal against the Saints?

13:48 - What if the Panthers win their next 3 games?

15:36 - What if CMC had not gotten hurt?

17:36 - What if the NFL had adopted the NBA's bubble system?

19:10 - What if Will had never been an intern for the Panthers?

21:44 - Kristen and Will preview the Bucs for Round II.

23:27 - Weird question of the Week: Let them eat cake

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A 24-hour live stream of Panthers audio is available here and on Alexa by saying, "Hey Alexa, load Carolina Panthers skill."

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