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Carolina Panthers

Happy Half Hour Recap: Over/Under

In this week's episode of the Happy Half Hour podcast presented by Morris-Jenkins, hosts Kristen Balboni, Myles Simmons and Will Bryan react to the reactions of Week 6. Which feelings were overreactions? Which were underreactions? And which were just right?

Podcast highlights include:

3:24: Who enjoys multiple games on Monday night? (raises hands)

5:50: Over/under reaction segment to hot button Panthers issues:

  • 6:17: Are Carolina's red zone issues a major problem?
  • 10:54: Is there a disconnect between DJ Moore and Teddy Bridgewater based on completion percentages?
  • 15:42: How impressive is this defense?
  • 19:55: Did the offensive line become an issue after Sunday?
  • 23:09: Is Robby Anderson's season a surprise?
  • 25:34: Does Christian McCaffrey need to be rushed back?

27:34: Will gives his Stat of the Week on Carolina's defensive rookies

31:22: Quick preview of the New Orleans matchup in Week 7

37:34: Weird Question of the Week: Fast food favorite?

For all of the Panthers podcasts, including past episodes of the Happy Half Hour, visit Fans can also download and subscribe to Panthers podcasts by searching "Carolina Panthers" on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

A 24-hour live stream of Panthers audio is available here and on Alexa by saying, "Hey Alexa, load Carolina Panthers skill."

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