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Carolina Panthers

'I've been waiting for it for years'


CHARLOTTE – When the gates opened for the Panthers' season opener against the Cowboys, fans were greeted by a new sight at midfield.

They liked what they saw.

Photos snapped by fans fortunate enough to be near midfield prominently featured the Panthers logo, which made its debut at the 50-yard line.

"It's awesome," said Daniel Robles, one of the first fans inside the gates who quickly positioned himself about as close to the logo as he could get. “Watching the video gave me chills."

Robles, who lives in the Phoenix area, travels with his 7-year-old son, Andre, to wherever the Panthers are each year for their season opener. Despite living in the shadow of the Cardinals, he said he's been a Panthers fan from the beginning.

Allegiances were more divided for a pair of best friends from the Raleigh area attending the game. Al Rogers of Holly Springs, N.C., was sporting a Panthers jersey while Richie Savage of Knightdale, N.C., opted to represent the Cowboys.

"It's great," Rogers said of the logo. "I've been waiting for it for years."