'Jordan and Jake' returns for 2020 season

Jordan and Jake

CHARLOTTE — As training camp gets rolling once again, so does one of your favorite podcasts. "Jordan and Jake" is back for Season 2.

Hosted by Hall of Honor inductees Jordan Gross and Jake Delhomme, "Jordan and Jake" provides insight on the Panthers and the NFL at large from the unique perspective of two Carolina legends.

"Great to be back, especially leading into football season," Gross said. "I feel honored to provide a little football entertainment and football content to the Panthers fan base and beyond. I thought for a lot of the offseason, there wasn't going to be a football season. So it's exciting that we're back and get to spend some more time with my buddy Jake talking about the Panthers and other news."

Added Delhomme: "I'm excited to be back! It's football season. We've been going through this pandemic. I've just been holed up. I'm like a caged lion just waiting to talk football."

In the first episode of Season 2, the duo share what they've been doing during the pandemic, recap the Panthers' offseason and compare quarterbacks.

You can check out the episode below and subscribe on your favorite podcast platforms.

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