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Norv Turner Q&A


On how he's enjoying camp: "It's really good, I'm very comfortable with Coach Rivera and the things he likes to do, obviously we were together for four years so it's, nothing's a shock to me in terms of, shock to the system and we've got a talented group. So, camp's been enjoyable."

On the players picking up on his pace and liking: "Yeah, you know it's, training camp, you know you work on things for a couple days and you move on, you move on, you move on. We have so many different situations to cover, giving them different looks so I think they've handled it real well. I think the things we've had the most reps at, we're executing a high level and there's things that we just need to do better and faster."

On Cam Newton: "There's certainly things about Cam that are unique, there's things about him that I think that other, a lot of the other quarterbacks I've been around are the same qualities and you know, if you're going to play that position at a high level, I think you have to set an example and you have to have great leadership ability. He goes about it in his own way, but the one thing that Cam does, Cam sees the field extremely well. He knows what's happening and we're working on him, doing some things to help with his decision-making and making sure we get all our eligible receivers involved."

On his personal relationship with Cam Newton: "You know, I just think those things that takes time and it's been easy, you know, it's been great. And he wants to get better at the things we're talking about and works hard at what he's doing. I think great relationships are developed over time, it's easy now. We haven't lost a game. We haven't had anything real negative happen so it's every day you grow in that area."

On what he has learned working with Cam: "Scott was here the first two years he was here, Chad was here, and obviously the guys on this staff I'm very close with and have been very close with. I had a pretty good idea what Cam is all about. Then the personal things, I think you find those things out. That part of it is between me and him."

On DJ's first NFL camp: "DJ, same thing I was talking about with the whole group. When he has had reps on something he knows exactly what to do, he's been outstanding. And then you can see a young guy when they are not sure they don't run as fast, they don't get lined up as fast, you can see the wheels turning in their head. We're trying to get him to the point where he is comfortable as much as he can."

On returning for another year of coaching: "I had a great year off, spent a lot of time with my wife. We traveled, we did a lot of things. I still have the energy, the competitiveness. I wasn't going to jump back into it just to do it with any situation, this situation obviously is very unique. Number one because of Ron, our relationship. Number two, it is a very good football team, and then the opportunity to work with some of the guys on offense. So, there's a lot of reasons you make that decision."

On being happier here than in Minnesota: "I'm enjoying this. There's a lot of things I enjoyed about Minnesota. We won the division in the second year with a second year quarterback. I think we had a lot of fun with guys like Jarius (Wright), (Adam) Thielen and (Stephon) Diggs. That's why you're doing it."

On Christian's expected workload this season: "I read coach Rivera said 20-25 touches per game, so that's probably realistic. I think every game comes up different. I keep telling our guys, what we want to do is look at a team, see what they do well, see what they don't do well, and match up what we do well against their weaknesses. There's a lot of different ways to attack people, and I think our players understand that they are all going to get an opportunity to contribute. Some days, guys are gonna get more than others. Christian will get his share."

On how much he has kept from last year's playbook: "I think it's gonna show up as we get through the season, but the thing everyone has to understand is when Rob Chudzinski came, he brought our offense and then he put the things in that fit best with Cam and my thought was, he did a great job. I mean, Cam has gained more yards in his first seven years than any other quarterback. You know, Mike did a great job carrying that on and I'm coming in here and looking, we have the running back coach, the line coach, receiver coach, the tight end coach all here so obviously got great input from them. We are trying to build a complete offense. That will include things they have done here, it will include things they haven't done here."

On what is realistic for the amount of rushes Cam Newton will have: "I just think, like I said, every game is different and all of a sudden you are in a game where they are pressuring, and he puts the ball down and runs three or four times and you have three or four runs called, so there's games where he is gonna carry the ball. There's games where he's not gonna carry the ball and a lot depends on how people defend us and a lot depends on how well we are playing."

On if he had to convince his wife to return to coaching: "That was Scott's job. No, she knew where I was at and where I'm at and she knew that this was a very unique and special place for us, so I really believe once we talked about it and we talked about the things that really could be good, we both got excited about it."

On if he will be in the press box or sidelines for games: "Well the way we operate it, or have operated with me and Scott, Ron and I had these conversations, I've been upstairs, and he's been on the field and obviously Matsko is on the field, Pete Hoener is on the field, Jimmy Skipper is on the field so we have great leadership down on the field and I can get away from all the craziness. I've had my share of being on the sideline."