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Norv Turner talks no-huddle philosophy and starting faster

CHARLOTTE – To huddle or no-huddle? That is the burning question those who follow the Panthers have been asking.

Head coach Ron Rivera made his opinion known Monday.

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner echoed Rivera's thoughts Thursday.

"We've used it in every game. How much of it depends on how well we are doing," Turner said. "I really have a tough time with no-huddle when you go three plays, run off about 40 seconds and punt.

"If we're having success with it, we'll use it."

Turner, like Rivera, doesn't like the idea of putting Carolina's defense back on the field with little to no rest. And the Panthers want to control the clock and wear down opposing defenses.

So yeah, the no-huddle will continue to be used here and there. Could we see a little more of it, particularly after quarterback Cam Newton engineered three touchdown drives when Carolina was forced to go up-tempo in the comeback win over the Eagles? Sounds like a possibility.

"Every situation is different," Turner said. "(Going no-huddle) helps some of our young guys get up and not think too much, just go play

"We had no alternative (last week). We had to go. It got us in a good rhythm."

The Panthers are more concerned with getting off to a better start. In each of the last two games – at Philadelphia and at Washington – they've faced 17-0 deficits.

"The biggest things that have kept us from getting started have been self-inflicted wounds," Turner said. "We turned the ball over in the Washington game and then last week we had two or three mental errors or negative plays in three consecutive drives. Against a real good defense, you have a tough time recovering from that.

"We have to be sound and eliminate negative plays."

That's all especially true when lining up against Baltimore's top-ranked defense.

"We're going to have to be at our best," Turner said. "They are the most complete defense we've seen."

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