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Carolina Panthers

One Thing You Don't Know: Devin Funchess


CHARLOTTE – Some people are decent whistlers. Others wish they could whistle just a little bit.

Wide receiver Devin Funchess classifies as an elite whistler.

And yes, he whistles while he works.

"My great uncle taught me how to do it back in the day," Funchess said after showing off his skills in the locker room recently.

Funchess' whistling can reach such high volume it's quite honestly ear-piercing if you're standing too close.

It's a tool he uses from time to time on the football field to communicate with quarterback Cam Newton before the snap.

"I'll do it to Cam and he'll look over to make sure we're on the same page," Funchess said.

When he was in high school, Funchess used his ability for different reasons.

"When the teachers used to make me mad. You know the sound of a kettle? I used to do that and mess with them," Funchess said.

Now his dog Chapo is the one on the receiving end of most of his whistles.

"Chapo has got three different whistles," Funchess said. "To come, drop stuff and go."

Want to hear a sampling of Funchess' whistling ability? Check out the video below, where he whistles for our kid reporter.