Opposing View: New Orleans Saints

On his Christmas: "It was good, fairly quiet. It's not often it falls on a Tuesday like it did with the player's schedule, but overall good."

On Teddy Bridgewater's time with Norv and Scott Turner in Minnesota: "We haven't discussed it. I've known Norv for a long time. In pregame last time we played, Norv looked over and he made the comment...shoot Norv...they've worked with Drew and Teddy...he's coached a lot of great quarterbacks and a lot of great offenses. I haven't briefed or debriefed Teddy about any specific things. I think...as a young coach coming into this league, Norv is someone that I always would follow and look at his film. He's been a part of a lot of teams that have been successful, a lot of offenses that have been successful."

On how the Panthers' quarterback situation impacts the Saints preparation: "I think number one, at this stage of the season you have to prepare for the offense. Certainly there are differences and any time you have a player like Cam who's not playing...there's a big drop off just from his ability and experience and the things that he provides when he's under center. More than anything, we'll look closely at the offense to self-scout on our own and then what they're doing, anything different from...it was only two weeks ago, but I think you have to prepare what you've seen overall, philosophically offensively, knowing that there will be some changes with the quarterback."

On his familiarity with Kyle Allen: "A lot of times there are players obviously you follow. Kyle is someone that we certainly knew where he was at relative to the draft, we'd seen him play in college. Quickly we'll go back and look at his preseason tape now and look at the college tape. Like so many other players, when a guy gets on a roster as an undrafted free agent, the first thing they're thinking about is finding a way to stick, finding a way to make a team and he was able to do that now. I think it's an opportunity for him to put his best foot forward and go out there and play. I do remember the player very well. I didn't know he was training with Kurt out in Arizona, but that's not unusual."

On Ted Ginn's return last week and the offensive lift he provides for the Saints: "It was significant having him come back into our lineup. He provides a vertical threat, but he also provides a level of confidence. We had a handful of packages with him last week up versus Pittsburgh. He made a huge play for us on third and 20 and it's good having one of your starting guys back into your lineup. I know he had to go through a good period of time rehabbing and fortunately it paid off and fortunately for him it paid off."

On how to manage going into the playoffs with momentum, while also keeping starters healthy: "I think it's a little bit easier task when you're finishing the preseason and your roster is at 90, but when you're at 46 on game day it's hard to take that approach. We have a chance to win our 14th regular season game, which has never been done here before and I think that's important. I do think heading into this post season, knowing that the following week is going to be an off week, improving in areas that you see that we need to improve in, all of those things. We'll be smart and at the same time recognize though that the roster size where it's at...your team is going to have to play a good portion of the game. Positionally, we'll see how the week unfolds, but I do think that opportunity of winning that 14th regular season game is significant."

On what Kyle Allen can expect playing in the Super Dome for the first time: "Well I think this, and I say this...Man, these college players that are coming out now play in enough systems where they're used to silent snap counts and they're used to that part of it. I think certainly the crowd noise is a challenge when you play here, but I think overall it's not the first thing you're thinking about when you're making your first start. I think you're thinking about all the other things, the details of your assignment, tempo, getting the calls in and out. I think that most of the guys have played in a loud college environments and I think offenses in general have gotten more and more familiar with using a silent snap count and more accustomed to it."