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Opposing View: Pittsburgh Steelers

On Christian McCaffrey as a draft prospect and his play since coming into the league: "We weren't seriously considering him. We assumed that he would be gone by the time that we got around to that position. He's a quality player in all phases of the game in the running game, in the passing game, both in and outside the backfield. He's a multi-dimensional guy, is really kind of what I think we all thought he would be from a scouting standpoint. Got a lot of respect for the body of work he's put out there thus far."

On the versatility of Steelers' nickel corner Mike Hilton and Panthers' nickel corner Captain Munnerlyn - who both stand at 5-foot-9: "That's probably the most significant thing about him (Hilton) is that his size doesn't define him. He's a good instinct football player, he has a good feel for the game and has got really good vision and he's aggressive. I think that those are the qualities that produce the plays that you talk about, and it's just peculiar maybe because of the package that it comes in. But, you could say the same thing about Captain Munnerlyn. I mean, that guy has been an impact player in this league for a decade, and the package that it comes in is unique."

On whether or not instincts are overlooked: "I think that's the one of the beautiful things about this game is oftentimes the things that define a man aren't things that you can measure. They're not 40 time related, vertical related, height, weight, speed related; it's more the will on display, the intellect, the mental toughs, and Mike is just an example of that, but I'm sure there's many examples on every one's team of that, and I think that's one of the things that makes us all love the game the way that we do."

On Donte Jackson and James Bradberry: "I haven't been really in the mindset of evaluating those guys, I've just been trying to prepare for them. I respect the quality of their play, both guys. I was at Jackson's pro day last year; he's a top-flight athlete and player. More than anything on a short week like this, we've been concerned about what it is we're doing and the quality in which we're doing it while at the same time respecting the talents of the opponent and not spending a whole lot of time on some of those things."