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Opposing View: Washington Redskins

On Panthers rookie cornerback Donte Jackson and similarities to Josh Norman: "Very different. Similar personalities, both outgoing personalities. I did a lot of work on Donte. He's a fun guy to watch, fun guy to interview at the combine and great personality. Outgoing and he's got the mindset that you want for a corner. You can tell that he is a very confident player, backs up his play, he's got great speed. Just an overall good corner. He can move him around. At LSU, they played him at some safety, some nickel, some corner. Those versatilities that he has I think was really his strength. Now he's out there playing corner very well, but if need be he can play inside. He can play safety and that's what he's good at. He's a very good player."

On his team's defensive performance Monday at the Saints: "I think it's a great learning tape for us. We got gutted. No ifs, ands or buts about it, we got gutted. They didn't even punt. We blew coverages, we didn't rush the passer. We didn't really do anything well on that side of the ball. We had a couple of third-down stops and every time we got a third-down stop there was a penalty. A holding call or an unnecessary roughness or self-inflicted wounds. We had an opportunity to get off the field, but we shot ourselves in the foot and penalized ourselves unnecessarily and then costs us some key situations where they would have to punt it. But overall, I think, I don't use Drew Brees as an excuse...We played Aaron Rodgers week before, played pretty good. You know? This week is going to be no different. Cam Newton is one of the better ones in the league as far as versatility is concerned. We're going to have to strap it up and play better."

On if he's noticed a new Newton under offensive coordinator Norv Turner: "Not really. Cam's always been Cam to me. I think he's a great player. He's got great vision down the field, he's accurate and obviously he's got that dimension where he can run it like a tailback at 255 pounds, whatever it is. A great snap count, good command of the game and great confidence...but no I don't really see a whole lot of difference as far as his play is concerned. Their scheme is a little bit different, but still Cam is Cam."

On changes to Panthers' scheme under Turner: "I think maybe a few more pure passing concepts. The funny thing, you know, without having Greg Olsen, I think they've changed a little bit and I think if they get him back I think we'll see more of the tight end work. Just overall I just think, obviously Norv puts his stamp on the offense and it's always good when they're trying to find out ways to get DJ Moore the ball in space which is good. He's a great player after the catch. Obviously a great runner. You know, still trying to utilize some of the zone read stuff and getting (Christian) McCaffrey the ball in unique ways and Samuel the ball in unique ways. They got some really good players with the ball in their hands with (Curtis) Samuel, and McCaffrey and DJ Moore. They can really do damage on short plays, or jet sweeps or what have you, or simple plays. And they can make a lot of yards because they're great runners with the ball in their hands."

On quarterback Alex Smith's first season in Washington: "I feel great about Alex. We didn't play our best game on either side of the ball last week, but he played pretty well against Green Bay, played really well against Arizona, and the Colts and obviously the Saints we didn't play as well. We're just looking for that consistency and that right potion so to speak that he feels good about what the offense and the plays that he's good about and you know that takes a little bit of time for a quarterback and a play caller and head coach to kind of get to know that, get the feel for that. But I like where he's at, I like where his head's at. I like...He's a pro and he comes in every day willing to work and get better."

On impact of Daron Payne, Jonathan Allen along Washington's defensive line: "Those two guys are good players and they're playing together a lot of minutes now and they complement each other very well. We need more from them in the pass rush but Payne's got a couple of sacks, Jonathan's got two or three sacks, (Matt) Ioannidis has three sacks, so we're getting some production from them internally. I love where they're at, they're young, they're hungry, they're strong, they play hard, they play to the whistle every snap. You don't have know sometimes the defensive lineman, you got to put your foot in their rear end to make sure they're playing hard every time. This is not the case with these three guys; Ioannidis, Payne and Allen. Love where they're at. They are going to just continue to get better and better the more they play."

On how Norman's season is going and how he'll approach facing his former team: " I don't think he has any grudges or anything, he might, you'd have to ask him. But any time you play against your former team, it might have a little extra incentive, but the one thing I like about Josh is every week he plays pretty hard. He plays hard. I think you'd have to ask him about that, but Josh will play hard no matter what."

On value of being in first place in the NFC East at 2-2 while still seeking consistency: "No question, I think every team is going through that. The Rams are 5-0 and the Chiefs are 5-0, but other than that I think everybody is looking for that. You guys are doing a heck of a job with your record, but consistency is what every coach is looking for. It's going to be hard to get because they are 31 other teams looking for the same potion with good players. Each week is a different entity and we have to handle it like that, and we have to move on and prepare for a different Carolina team than we faced last week, but still very, very effective in certain areas."

On Graham Gano's 63-yard field goal to beat the Giants: "Graham Gano man, that was a bomb. He could've made that from 80. I tell you what, that was a hell of a kick. Not a lot of guys could step in there in that situation and knock it though, especially when you're trailing. That was a heck of a kick."

On the return of Thomas Davis: "I just think you're getting a Pro Bowl player and any time you get a guy like that with his stature both on and off the field it's going to help your defense. They'll probably be able to do a little bit more, be a little bit more creative in the blitz package, what have you. But him and Kuechly together are the best linebacker tandem in the league by far, and it's something we have to deal with. I was hoping he'd have one more game, but I guess he's coming back so we'll have to deal with him. He can rush the passer, he can cover, he can play zone, he can run down people, he's physical. He's one of the best in the business."

On Adrian Peterson's shoulder injury: "We're going day-to-day. Today, we're just going to do a walk through because we didn't get back until like five in the morning on Monday, so we're just going to walk through today. I think tomorrow we'll have a better understanding about where he's at. "