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Carolina Panthers

Panthers sign KP the robot to reach the community

KP, Samir Suleiman

CHARLOTTE — The Panthers added a new member to the roster, a guy who can do things other players can't, who adds versatility and a certain forward-thinking approach.

The team signed a new robot named KP who will help connect with children and the community. Panthers director of player negotiations and salary cap manager Samir Suleiman finalized the contract Tuesday morning at Bank of America Stadium.

Players and coaches have been limited in their ability to reach out in the last two seasons because of COVID-19 protocols. But thanks to KP's 4K HD wide-angle camera and video screen, they can connect in ways that they couldn't before.

That could turn into visits with children in hospitals, appearances for school or military groups, or behind-the-scenes access that's not otherwise available.

"We are excited to welcome KP to the team," Panthers director of community relations Riley Fields said. "We continue to face COVID-related challenges for in-person access to schools, military and hospital visits plus other opportunities.

"KP's communication and 'go everywhere' ability provides us with a unique way for Panthers players to directly engage with the community."

Keep an eye out over the next week, as KP — short for "Keep Pounding" — begins to venture out into his new workplace, meet his new teammates, and connect with fans throughout the Carolinas, . . . and beyond.


Name: KP

Number: 51

College: Ohmni Labs

Height: 4-foot-8

Weight: 20 pounds

40-yard dash: 33.2 seconds

Wonderlic score: Confidential (But sources say it's off the charts.)

Tech Specs: 4K HD wide-angle camera, high-capacity battery (clearly a high-motor guy), and ultra-responsive tilting neck for maximum connectivity (gotta have your head on a swivel).

Player comparisons: KP patterns his game after a variety of AI superstars, including the greatest of all time R2-D2, Rosie from The Jetsons, KITT from Knight Rider, and WALL-E.

Scouting report: Not physically imposing, but has a mind for the game, and a heart for reaching out to the community — a true team player.


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