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Carolina Panthers

#PanthersFans share their passion and stories


Bank of America and the Panthers have teamed up to bring you a look at some of the most passionate fans around. See for yourself. And share your Panthers passion and story on Twitter using #PanthersFans.

"The Garage Mahal"

The Buchanan's garage is not just a place where #PanthersFans gather on game days. The garage is really the creation of two people, whose love of the Carolina Panthers is so deep, they want to share it with as many people as possible. This is their story.

"Margaret Johnson"

The game is more than just a game for Margaret Johnson -- it's a celebration of life. Against all the odds, the 88-year-old rallied to see her beloved Panthers play with her family right beside her. This is her story.

"Family Tailgate"

Football brought Dan Sellers and Weston Andress together over 20 years ago. Their once small tailgate has grown to over 100 regulars (including their children's children) outside Bank of America stadium. This is their story.

"Gustavo Gonzalez"

Gustavo Gonzalez is bringing new traditions to his family with the help of the Panthers on gamedays. This is his story.

"Diane Brown"

Since 2015, Diane Brown has been to almost every road game. But what made these games extra special was being able to attend them with her sister. This is their story.

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