Play Big Game Bingo with FanDuel


You have the food, drinks and TV all set up. Now you just need to add one more thing to your checklist for Sunday. A free bingo card with FanDuel!

That's right. It's free to play and easy to win a share of $100,000 in cash prizes.

Each user gets a unique bingo card with 24 different squares including game-related "props" and pop culture moments and a free square in the center. Squares are automatically marked off on the user's card as events happen (eg. turnover, touchdown celebration, a commercial with dogs).

Once a user has bingo, they click "Call BINGO" at the bottom of their card for a cash prize.

The game is free to play and users in every state are eligible. Just click here and sign up with your FanDuel account before kickoff on Sunday night.

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