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Saints DE Cam Jordan says nice things about the Panthers


Saints defensive end Cam Jordan has never been shy about trash-talking the Panthers and Cam Newton specifically.

So the words he wrote about his rivals in a recently-published Players' Tribune article are... surprising, to say the least.

Jordan was tasked with naming the seven best players in the NFC South. He included defensive end Julius Peppers (7), Newton (6) and linebacker Luke Kuechly (2), and waxed poetic about each one.

Here's a sampling of his comments. Click here for the full post.

On Peppers:

"I've never seen a defensive end better than Peppers. So maybe I don't own the title of best defensive end in the NFC South. But I'm O.K. conceding that to Peppers — only Peppers."

"I tried to compare myself to him when I made my first Pro Bowl in 2013. I had 21.5 sacks three years into my career, and Peppers was at 118.5 at the time. I was like, O.K. … only 97 sacks to go! Now, today, I have 61.5 sacks and Peppers is up to 154.5. Five years after my first Pro Bowl, and I'm still 93 sacks behind him. GOAT."

On Newton:

"Cam Newton is a game-changer. He's electric when he gets going, and his celebrations are overly annoying. He starts rolling and gets a first down and then points toward the end zone, signaling first down like a referee. And don't let him score a touchdown, now, because he does his little Superman celebration. Ugh."

"In terms of being a dynamic, dual-threat quarterback, Cam Newton is one of the best in the league. And it's just so annoying because … he's a freakin' Panther."

On Kuechly:

"The crazy thing about Luke is that off the field, he looks like a regular, Levi's jeans-wearing guy. Like, if you and me were just walking down the street and we ran into Luke Kuechly and you told me he traded stocks, I'd be like, Oh, I can see that. I don't know … he just looks like that straight arrow, nine-to-five, everyday guy you'd see at LA Fitness on his lunch break getting a workout in.

"Then you see him on the football field and he's got a bloody nose and he's destroying dudes and you're like, Oh my God, who is this animal!"