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Tepper: We saw what Rhule did with less, imagine what he could do with more


CHARLOTTE -- When college coaches become candidates for NFL gigs, they often times come from powerhouse programs.

Nothing against Baylor and Temple, but Matt Rhule hasn't benefited from the riches that come with the blue bloods.

But that's what makes his rise at both schools all the more impressive.

Allow owner David Tepper to explain:

"I think we can have something special here, something just a little bit different," Tepper said. "Look at the programs he was at. Think about this for a second. You're at Temple with what they had there. Look at Baylor, with the process he brought in and what he's done there. He wasn't up there in the top 10 ranked classes he was bringing in like Oklahoma was. He was bringing in classes No. 35 in the country, because they had a situation there. Look what he's done to build with limited resources and how he's picked his people and how he's done this stuff.

"Now think about this, now you've got a different situation. We're going to build the best facility down in Rock Hill pretty soon. The best facility down in Rock Hill. I heard the owner of this club has some resources to use. A couple resources to use, and we're going to use those resources to build the best darn thing we can build. We've got a master developer that never had the resources before and has shown what he can do with less. What do you think he can do with more?"

There's only one thing to do. Win a championship.

"I will work tirelessly each day to bring you guys a championship," Rhule told the audience at his presser. "Because that's what this region deserves. And that's what the players who came before us deserve. And that's what the guys in that locker room, as I've gotten a chance to meet them, that's what they deserve."

It won't happen overnight, but Tepper is willing to give Rhule the necessary time to build this thing right.

"We have a shared vision," Tepper said. "We know it's not going to be a fast process, but we're willing to build something for the long term. I told you guys generally that it's a building process. Things could happen fast, and maybe they will, but we're in a building process here and sometimes you have to tear things down to build them up.

"The thing about the NFL is they call it an 8-8 league. It's an 8-8 league because you all get so much to get the same players, that's why it's an 8-8 league. It's not an 8-8 league when you build facilities. It's not an 8-8 league when you get trainers. It's not an 8-8 league for other sorts of things you can bring in here, and I heard the Carolina Panthers have an owner who has some resources."

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