Thomas Davis addresses his future ... again

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – After Monday's training camp practice, linebacker Thomas Davis reiterated what he said in the spring about his future.

"If the team is willing to have me back, I'll be back," Davis said.

So it's sounding more and more like 2018 won't be the final season for Davis, especially knowing it's not going to get off to a great start.

"I look at the way things transpired this offseason and think back to, really, my legacy and the things that I've been able to do as a football player," Davis said. "I don't want to leave on a sour note. You never want to walk away from the game knowing that you served a four-game suspension. That's my mindset right now."

That mindset is reflected in his training camp performance. The 35-year-old has been as energetic as ever in the Spartanburg heat.

"When you factor in that (suspension), and the fact that I may not ever get another training camp – I embrace it every day," Davis said. "Talk trash to Cam (Newton) at a high level daily. Just competing and having fun with my teammates – that's what training camp is all about."