Transcript: Chris Hogan conference call

On the free agency process: "This was a whole new experience for me and my family – I've never been an unrestricted free agent. I didn't really come into it with too many expectations. We didn't think it was going to last as long as it did, but I've been enjoying my family time. Getting some time to spend with the kids has been nice. And then when I had the opportunity to come down here and sign with Carolina, I was just really excited about the opportunity and really grateful they gave me the opportunity to come down here. My family is excited and I'm excited."

On how his skill set will play into his role with the Panthers: "I've just been around the building today just meeting everybody and talking with them briefly. I don't think really getting into defining a role at this moment when I haven't even gotten a playbook in front of me or anything like that yet – my main focus is just to come down here and work as hard as I can. A new team. A new organization. Another chance for me to prove myself and prove to these guys that I can be a valuable part to this team and help them win football games any way I can."

On what excites him about joining an offense featuring the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Cam Newton and DJ Moore: "Those three guys – they are a bunch of playmakers. This team has a lot of weapons on the field at all times. I'm really excited about the opportunity to play with Cam and Christian and all those guys. I've only heard great things about him and Christian and those guys and their work ethic and how they play. They're just ultimate competitors that want to do whatever they can to win football games. I think I'll fit right in in that aspect."

On fitting into an established offense: "Any new system or new team I come into, my expectations really are just to come in and take advantage of any opportunities I'm given on the field and just work as hard as I can. If you do that and you're able to be successful on and off the field – in the classroom, in practice – then you go about proving yourself and your worth as a player and you go out there and make plays, the rest will kind of take care of itself."

On Patriots' decision to not re-sign him: "You know, it's a business. I can't really read too much into it because at the end of the day they're trying to run the team the way they see fit. Sometimes things just don't work out, and I understand that. I'm just really excited about this opportunity that the Panthers have given me. I'm really excited to get to work."

On any Carolina connections: "I've played with a few guys. I went to (Greg) Olsen's rival high school; I never played against him but I grew up watching him play. I have a few connections down here. I'm just really excited to get to know everybody and get to work."

On playing for Newton and Tom Brady: "I'm really excited about it. I've been in the building for just a short period of time, and everyone that has talked to me about Cam has said he's just the ultimate competitor and wants to do whatever he can to win football games. Him and Tom are very similar in that respect. I know I'm going to enjoy getting to work with him and being on the same field as him. He's an incredible athlete. I'm really excited about the opportunity."

On the number of times he's been asked about playing lacrosse at Penn State: "Too many to count."

On his best attributes: "I really pride myself on my route running, my detail running routes, and I've always been a guy that runs everything 100 percent and does everything 100 percent. I've played special teams every single year of my career. I'm just willing and able to do whatever I can to help the football team win. I'm just excited about this opportunity to be down here with the Panthers."

On prior experience with offensive coordinator Norv Turner: "I met Norv today. I've played against him a few times. I've only heard great things about Coach. I'm very excited about getting to work with him and learning from him. It's very exciting to be down here surrounded by these guys."

On being nicknamed "7-Eleven" while with the Dolphins in 2012: "Reggie Bush gave me that nickname. If it sticks with me, I guess I'm doing my job right. Hopefully that continues to be my nickname."