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Tuesdays with Torrey

CHARLOTTE – Head coach Ron Rivera stresses to his players the importance of getting off their feet and staying hydrated on their day off.

Wide receiver Torrey Smith has his own way of renewing his spirit in advance of Wednesday practices.

"It was a great day for me," Smith said after spending his Tuesday with Panthers owner David Tepper in an effort to get acquainted with his new city's educational and criminal justice systems. "There are a lot of things in Charlotte that I would love to try to figure out how we can help with. Unfortunately, I only really have Tuesdays. But it's something that I'm going to work toward."

Smith said he plans to spend every Tuesday during the season doing something to help the community at large. He said his off-day endeavors also help him, providing him valuable perspective whether the Panthers are coming off a win or a loss.

On this particular Tuesday, Smith's itinerary included visits to a Mecklenburg County jail that houses youthful offenders, the Mecklenburg County Courthouse (with Tepper) and the public defender office, as well as Sedgefield Middle School.

Smith learned about how Charlotte tackles issues and shared his own thoughts on the importance of a fair playing field in the bail system and the role education can play in keeping children out of the criminal justice system in the first place.

Smith appreciated having another newcomer to the city but another veteran of community outreach in Tepper tag along.

"I think the one thing you'll see, which is wonderful for this city, is that he's a person who cares about the community," Smith said. "And it's not just about the flawed criminal justice system – it's about the people who are in need in general. He's very well-educated in that field and he cares a lot about this community."

To hear more about what Smith learned Tuesday and for his thoughts on new safety Eric Reid, watch the video below: