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Express Entry

Powered by Verizon

The Carolina Panthers have adopted innovative technologies to help you skip the lines on gameday with Express Entry, powered by Verizon - the quickest way into Bank of American Stadium.

What is Express Entry?

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry brings facial authentication technology to Bank of America Stadium and leverages Verizon's 5G network to enable a quicker and more convenient experience for fans visiting the Stadium. The dedicated Express Entry lines are the fastest way into the stadium on gameday.

Benefits of Using Express Entry



It's free to sign up and use at all Panthers games at Bank of America Stadium.



4x quicker entry into games - faster than scanning your mobile ticket.



All you have to do is link your Ticketmaster account and take a selfie to skip the lines.


Is there a cost to enroll in Express Entry?

No, enrolling in Express Entry is free.

How do I enroll in Express Entry?

Fans can register for Express Entry here or use the QR code available near the gates. They will be prompted to sign into Ticketmaster and take a selfie to associate their face with their account.

Do I have to enroll in Express Entry separately for each game?

Once a fan is enrolled in Express Entry, they will not have to complete that process again. They can use the Express Entry lanes anytime they come to Bank of America Stadium, even for multiple years.

If I am enrolled at another stadium, does that automatically enroll me for Express Entry?

No, to ensure that your data and personal identifiable information (PII) remain protected, all user information is isolated between stadiums. Fans must specifically enroll with the Carolina Panthers to be able to use Express Entry at Bank of America Stadium.

If tickets are transferred to you, can you still use Express Entry?

Yes, if the tickets are properly accepted in your Ticketmaster account.

Does each member of my party have to enroll in Express Entry?

No, only the ticket account holder. If your party is together when you enter the express lanes, they can all come in with the ticket holder.

What happens if everyone in my group does not arrive at the gate/stadium at the same time as me?

If your entire group does not arrive at the gate at the same time, the account holder must transfer the remaining tickets through the Ticketmaster or Panthers app and follow the same steps you would typically follow when using a regular ticket.

How do the Panthers use and protect my data?

At the Carolina Panthers, we take a privacy-first approach to protect fan facial recognition information:

  1. This data is only used to provide you with fan experience programs, such as Express Entry for expedited stadium entry. The data may be available to service providers who help us operate, maintain, and secure the programs, and we do not sell the data. For more information, visit the Carolina Panthers' Privacy Policy.
  2. Our service providers who administer this program securely protect this data via encryption and industry-best practices.
  3. No photos are stored on the entry devices.
  4. You can opt out of the program at any time. Email with the subject line "face recognition opt-out".