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All entry to Bank of America events require mobile tickets as PDF tickets will no longer be valid for entry. All users, both PSL holders and single-game ticket buyers, can access and manage their tickets through the free Panthers Official App with screen shares below. Mobile ticketing will allow ticket holders to conveniently manage, transfer (forward), or sell tickets and will aid in efforts to reduce the risk of lost or counterfeit tickets.

For a full step-by-step quick guide to the mobile ticket process, please click here.

Get The Panthers App

Download the App

Download the App

Download the official Panthers mobile app, available in the iTunes store and in the Google Play store.

My Tickets

My Tickets

Within the app, click "Tickets" on the bottom menu and click the "My Tickets" card at the top.

Sign in to myPanthers

Sign in to myPanthers

Use your account login credentials to sign into your account. If you are a PSL Owner, sign in to the myPanthers account at the top. If you want to access single-game tickets, sign in to Ticketmaster in the second link.

Manage Your Tickets

Manage Your Tickets

Manage Your Tickets

Select the game and then view, send and sell tickets directly from your app.

View Barcode

View Barcode

Click the ticket and then you will see options to scan your ticket at the gate or send or sell it to others.

Send Your Tickets

Send Your Tickets

Send Your Tickets

From the main ticket page, click "Transfer" at the bottom of the screen.

(Note: Not all tickets are eligible for transfer. If not, the Transfer button will not be shown)

Select Tickets

Select Tickets

Select the tickets you'd like to transfer, then hit "Transfer To."

Choose How To Send

Choose How To Send

Search to find the recipient of your ticket from your contacts or manually enter contact information. You can send the ticket to a mobile number or email address.

Sell Your Tickets

Sell Your Tickets

Sell Your Tickets

View the "Sell" button on the bottom of the ticket.

(Note: Not all tickets are eligible for resale. If not, the button will not be shown.)

Set Your Price

Set Your Price

Select the game tickets that you want to sell and then set your price.

Edit Profile Information

Edit Profile Information

Edit your profile information and change your payout method.

Cancel Posting

Cancel Posting

To cancel or edit your posting, choose one of the options available.

Mobile Ticket FAQs

Do you have more detailed information on the process and what's new in 2021?

Please click here for the most up-to-date information on mobile ticketing and how it may be different in 2021 from what you've experienced in the past.

Why do we have to use mobile tickets?

The NFL is adopting a mobile ticket initiative to ensure the safety and security of tickets. Some of the benefits of mobile tickets entry are:

  • Quicker entry into the stadium
  • The ability to manage, transfer or sell your tickets via smartphone
  • Reduces the risk of lost/stolen tickets and discourages the distribution of counterfeit tickets.

Can I still print my tickets from home?

No. As part of a league-wide initiative, the Panthers are replacing the print-at-home PDF ticket option with mobile ticketing. PDF tickets will no longer be valid for entry.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone, please contact the Panthers ticket office at 704-358-7800.

What if I transfer my ticket(s) to someone who does not have a smartphone?

The recipient can accept their tickets via computer and can reach out to the Ticket Office for assistance once the tickets have been accepted into their account.

I've sent my tickets to someone and they can't accept them. What do I do?

Ensure that the recipient has received the "Accept Tickets" email. If they have not, you'll need to cancel the transfer and resend it. Make sure their email address is spelled correctly when transferring. If they have received the "Accept Tickets" email, refer them to our Mobile Ticket Guide.

What if I my phone dies or is broken on game day?

Please visit one of our Customer Service windows at the Ticket Office for resolution. You'll need a photo ID of the owner of the ticket(s).

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket to enter Bank of America Stadium?

No, screenshots of tickets or any ticket produced by an unauthorized source will not be accepted. You can access your tickets through the Panthers App, or on the My Account page on your phone's browser, or from your "Apple Wallet" (if you have an iPhone).

When I send my ticket(s) to someone else, do they have to download the Panthers App?

Everyone will have to download either the Panthers App or Ticketmaster App to have their tickets on their mobile device. If they do not have an existing myPanthers account, they will need to Sign Up at the login page when they are accepting the tickets.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

Yes. When accessing your tickets through your account, tap on the game, and you will be able to swipe right to left through your available tickets. We strongly encourage saving your tickets to your phone's Wallet or Passbook prior to game day.

If I purchased my tickets from Ticketmaster, can I still access them through the Panthers app?

Yes, you will be able to access your tickets via the Panthers App by entering your email address and Ticketmaster password. Alternately, you can access via your browser.

I have an Android and cannot add my ticket to my mobile wallet, how do I get in the stadium?

Some Androids do not have the ability to add to the mobile wallet at this point. You can find your barcode using the Panthers or Ticketmaster mobile app. You can also log on to your Account Manager using the web browser.

My phone does not allow me to download the Carolina Panthers Mobile App. How do I access my tickets?

You can always access your tickets via your phone's mobile browser. You can login and access your tickets at

I have routinely transferred tickets to friends/coworkers in the past. Has that process changed?

The process to transfer a ticket has not changed. However, the recipient will only be able to access tickets for entry via mobile device. The ability to print tickets at home (a PDF) is no longer available. We encourage you to communicate in advance with whomever you may transfer tickets to and make sure they have a smartphone device to accept and view tickets.

What if my entire party is not with me when I enter Bank of America Stadium?

Every fan needs to present a ticket to enter Bank of America Stadium. If your party is not with you, you are able to transfer the ticket to them via your smartphone so they may enter separately.

Once I transfer my tickets to someone can they transfer to someone else?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of times a ticket can be transferred.

Why don't I see a barcode when I add the ticket to my mobile wallet?

Once the ticket is in your mobile wallet it will be scanned by a reader – you will not see a barcode once the ticket is in your mobile wallet.

Where can I see the individual ticket prices?

Once you are logged into your account, select your mobile ticket and click 'Ticket Details' to see the individual ticket price.

What if I need to transfer more than one game to the same recipient?

You can transfer multiple games to the same person all at once. Visit our mobile ticket guide for instructions on bulk transferring.

I have logged into my account and it says I don't have any tickets, what is going on?

You have most likely logged in using an email address that is not associated with your account. Try logging in with an alternative email address. If the issue still persists – please contact the Ticket Office.

When do I receive money from selling my tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange?

All fans will receive payouts from sold tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange 7-10 days after the event has concluded. Click here for more information on Ticketmaster's event policy.