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Bank of America Stadium installs WeatherSTEM system for real-time weather monitoring

Bank of America Stadium has acquired and implemented a new weather monitoring system, WeatherSTEM. The state-of-the-art weather station allow for more accurate weather forecasting of current and potential weather conditions, and provides live-streaming high resolution weather cameras, weather health/safety alert notifications, lightning detection, heat level monitoring, and real-time/future-cast radar information.

"The WeatherSTEM system will be extremely valuable for us as we can more accurately monitor severe weather that can affect events like concerts, festivals and football games and practices," said Mark Hart, vice president and chief operating officer for Tepper Sports and Entertainment. "In addition, the information can be shared across different groups within our organization. The grounds crew and football operations can use the information to more efficiently schedule practices and field work and account for severe weather, while our medical staff can use it to benefit player health and safety through the monitoring of humidity, wet bulb globe temperature and other factors."

WeatherSTEM is now in place and active at Bank of America Stadium. Stadium event attendees can access the local WeatherSTEM forecasts and weather monitoring by visiting or by downloading the WeatherSTEM app through the Apple App Store or on Google Play. WeatherSTEM can also be accessed via the MORE menu in the Panthers mobile app. Follow the station on Twitter and Facebook.

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