Cam Newton, David Tepper excited for fans to see behind the curtain through "All or Nothing"

CHARLOTTE – Luke Kuechly was literally watching from the edge of his seat. Cam Newton was covering his son's ears. Julius Peppers was laughing at himself on screen. And David Tepper somehow wound up belting out a song during a panel discussion on stage.

The premiere of "All or Nothing" with the Carolina Panthers took place Thursday night at the Knight Theater in Uptown Charlotte, and it was a big occasion for the entire organization.

The docuseries on Amazon Prime Video gives fans all over the world unparalleled access to a franchise that is evolving in a way it never has before.

And after episodes one and three were screened for guests, Newton, Tepper and NFL Films director Steve Trout took the stage for a Q&A session.

Newton, who unsurprisingly takes on the starring role throughout series, wasn't always comfortable watching himself on screen. Football tends to elicit some foul language, and Newton is no exception.

"I'm still nervous. I just want to see the other episodes," Newton told the audience. "I already know I'm about to get it when I get home. I've got my kids and my mom with me. Please don't judge me by my mouth – please! I apologize. I apologize. I'm like mom, this is football, this ain't ballet."

Tepper acknowledged there were some hesitations before agreeing to engage in a project like this. But it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"It's a great group of guys and it doesn't hurt for people to get a look inside – not too much," Tepper said. "Sometimes it's good to peel it back a bit."

Newton feels the same way. He's glad fans are getting a chance to see this team in a new light.

"It's a good thing for football players as a whole," Newton said. "It gives a more in-depth look at who you are… Having a show like this gives you an outlet. And at the end of the day, it's entertaining."

Oh so entertaining.

After being asked about the number of quality singers on the roster, Tepper shot back: "Not as good as me. I know I can sing better than any player on this team."

Then, when Newton prompted him to prove it, Tepper belted out a tune that brought the theater to its feet.

"We can dance next," Tepper said.

This is the Carolina Panthers, ladies and gentlemen.

"We're not supposed to be fans of the teams we cover, but it's impossible with these guys. I haven't said that about other teams," said the senior director Trout, before Newton did a kissy face to make the theater erupt with laughter. "It's impossible to not fall in love with them. The access and transparency didn't change a bit from 6-2 to 6-9. They were real and they were genuine the entire time."

And in the end, an unforgettable series was created. It will bring everyone who watches it closer to this team and its unique characters.

"It was refreshing just to see this come to light," Newton said. "It's a thing that we've never had before. We're a team full of love and guys really like each other. We get to express that."

McCaffrey and Kuechly react

Before they exited the building, we were able to catch up with running back Christian McCaffrey and linebacker Luke Kuechly to get their thoughts after watching two episodes.

"I thought they did a heck of a job," McCaffrey said. "They did a really good job portraying a different side of a lot of guys, which you don't get to see. It was very entertaining. Obviously, we've got a lot of really great characters on our team. Definitely fun to watch it.

"I'll check out the other episodes, for sure. I was there every day. I'll see if there is any more good entertainment, which I'm sure there is. There are some things in there that are truly authentic."

Added Kuechly: "It's fun to watch. We're so used to the perspective of being in it, and I don't think you appreciate how fun the game is and how much you enjoy playing until you see it from a different angle."

View photos from the stylish blue carpet at the Knight Theater for the premiere of Amazon Prime's All or Nothing with the Carolina Panthers.