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Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton hosts fourth annual Thanksgiving Jam


CHARLOTTE – Quarterback Cam Newton and his foundation hosted their fourth annual Thanksgiving Jam event on Monday night in Charlotte.

"You see it grow each and every year with more people involved – that's my delight that I get from it," Newton said.

The event provided thanksgiving meals for more than 800 children. Each family also received a second meal to take home.

For the fun-loving Newton, it's always special to interact with kids. Monday night was no different.

"You never know what you're going to get as far as questions, as far as reactions," Newton said. "In my profession, it's so serious, and this gives them an opportunity to see me and gives me an opportunity to see them.

"Seeing smiles on faces, it's really humbling and it puts you in the holiday spirit. I just want to do my part and do my due diligence giving back to such a great community."

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