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Carolina Panthers

DJ Moore ready to make noise in return to hometown


CHARLOTTE -- Oftentimes, leaving the nest allows a person to grow into who they want to become.

When the Panthers visit the Eagles on Sunday, rookie wide receiver DJ Moore will get his first chance to play in his hometown and show how much he's evolved as a player.

Moore has been to Lincoln Financial Field as a spectator, so he knows not to expect a warm welcome from the Philly faithful.

"The city itself is just rowdy and the stadium is going to be rowdy," Moore said.

It will be intriguing to see how the calm, cool and collected Moore handles the emotionally charged environment. Odds are Moore will be the same relaxed person he's always been.

"I don't show emotion too often, so just staying even-keeled is my thing," he said.

Moore's personality was key in his ability to recover from the adversity he faced against Washington in Week 6, where he fumbled twice in a losing effort. In the days since, Moore said he has been working with coaches and talking with teammates about improving his ball security and that they have helped him to get past the mistakes.

Heading into Week 7, fellow wideout Devin Funchess says he sees the determination in Moore's eyes, especially given this week's opponent.

"I told him after the (Redskins) game, I said, 'We're going back to your house after this and that's where you go shut everybody up.' I think that's what he's going to do," Funchess said.

After playing and defeating his hometown team in Detroit last season, Funchess understands what it's like to have to deal with the added excitement of having family and friends in attendance.

Funchess knows that homecoming games add another layer of intensity.

"It's just a different mentality when you go back home. You just want to make every play, you want to have fun," Funchess said. "You're going to see people from little league, an old coach who you didn't even know was coming to the game, so I've talked to him and I think he's ready.

"I've seen his work ethic this week. It's not like it's changed, but I can tell he's really paying attention more to the small details and he's ready to go."

Veteran receiver Jarius Wright has also been keeping a watchful eye on Moore and said that his homecoming serves as more motivation for the entire offense.

"Any time there's somebody on your team that's going home, it makes you play that much harder for them," Wright said. "We want to get him a win in his hometown."

This business trip to Philadelphia will be a special moment for Moore.

He wants to show the football fans back home what he can do, and perhaps convince those closest to him that are still Eagles fans to support the hometown kid.

"If they're not already diehard DJ Moore fans, then I don't know what they're doing," Moore said. "It's going to be fun going back."

View photos of DJ Moore in his hometown of Philadelphia.