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Carolina Panthers

High School Coach of the Week: Don Frost

!Coach: Don Frost

School: Christ Church Episcopal School

Location: Greenville, S.C.

Career Highlights: In 30 years of coaching, Frost has received an outstanding service award from the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association and been named coach of the year six times. The Cavaliers won region championships in 2008 and 2009 and began the 2010 season with eight consecutive wins as participation in the football program has doubled to 121 student-athletes over those three years.

Community Service: Organized a football camp for YouthBASE, a program for at-risk children in Greenville that offers kids the opportunity to grow academically through extra-curricular activities and have experiences that would not otherwise be a part of their daily lives.

Quote: "When I first started coaching and teaching at Christ Church Episcopal School, the motto chosen for the back of our practice shirts was BELIEVE. It initiated a movement that we must believe in God above all else, in each other and in our goals. This will then allow us to achieve excellence. The next year the word was FAITH. It continued a positive momentum forward that we must have faith in what we believe. This year the word is COMMITMENT. It grounds the team to a commitment in what we believe and the faith we have in that commitment. The players, coaches and school have rallied around this principled approach to football and to life."

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