Top NFL Combine drill results from Panthers since 2000
Wide receiver Curtis Samuel posted the fastest 40-yard dash of any Panthers player in 2017.
By Will Bryan Feb 24, 2020

It's time to take out your stopwatch and get those fingers warmed up. It's officially NFL Combine season.

The 2020 Combine begins next week in Indianapolis as some of the top collegiate prospects come together to compete and make an impression on scouts and personnel directors.

There's a lot that goes into getting the full picture of a prospect, but the drills like the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, broad jump, three-cone drill and shuttle run offer each participant a chance to turn some heads and build some momentum.

So which drafted Panthers players have clocked some of the top performances in each drill? With data back to the year 2000, we have some answers.

First up, the fastest 40-yard dashes:

40-yard Dash

Donte Jackson posted the second-fastest time back in 2018.

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PlayerYear40-Yard Dash Time
Curtis Samuel (WR)20174.31
Donte Jackson (CB)20184.32
Drew Carter (WR)20044.36
Colin Branch (S)20034.40
Steve Smith (WR)20014.41
Armanti Edwards (WR)20104.41
Captain Munnerlyn (CB)20094.41
Kealoha Pilares (WR)20114.42
DJ Moore (WR)20184.42
Richard Marshall (CB)20064.42


  • Donte Jackson tied for the fastest time at the 2018 Combine, while Curtis Samuel was third-fastest in 2017.
  • Steve Smith was ninth-fastest among all players in 2001, coming in ahead of players like Reggie Wayne, LaDainian Tomlinson and Chad Ochocinco.
  • The fastest Panthers defensive lineman was actually Brian Burns from last season when he ran a 4.53.
  • The top times among Panthers quarterbacks was 4.56, where Cam Newton (2011) and Stefan LeFors (2005) each landed.

Vertical Jump

Jarrod Cooper had the highest jump for Carolina back in 2001.

The vertical jump is attempted by most players at the combine. It measures the total number of inches that a player's feet lift off the ground (highest leaping touch minus standing touch). Players jump from a standing start.

So which Panthers have the best vertical jumps at the Combine since 2000?

Table inside Article
PlayerYearVertical Jump (inches)
Jarrod Cooper (S)200141.5
James Anderson (LB)200641.0
Bene' Benwikere (CB)201440.5
Nate Salley (S)200640.0
DJ Moore (WR)201839.5
Mike Goodson (RB)200939.5
Walter Young (WR)200339.0
Stanley McClover (DE)200639.0
Steve Smith (WR)200138.5
Eric Shelton (RB)200538.5
Devin Funchess (WR)201538.5
Christian Miller (LB)201938.5


  • Jarrod Cooper's jump ranked fifth among all players at the 2001 Combine.
  • Luke Kuechly was directly behind Christian Miller at 38.0 for third-highest vertical among linebackers.
  • Ian Thomas and Dante Rosario tied for the highest verticals among all tight ends at 36.0.
  • The best vertical from an offensive lineman was Jordan Gross who touched 31.5 back in 2003.

Bench Press

Carolina had three of the top eight finishers in the bench press in 2005.

The bench press consists of repetitions at 225 pounds (essentially a 45-pound bar with two 45-pound plates on each side). However, it is not always performed by every player at the combine. Over 40 of Carolina's draft picks since 2000 did not do the bench press.

So which Panthers have put up the most reps on the bench at the Combine since 2000?

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PlayerYearBench Press Reps
Evan Mathis (G)200535
Will Montgomery (C)200635
Nick Hayden (DT)200834
Ryan Kalil (C)200734
Adam Seward (LB)200533
Jovan Haye (DE)200533
Charles Johnson (DE)200733
Kris Jenkins (DT)200133


  • Carolina had three of the top eight finishers in the bench press in 2005 and two of the top 10 in 2007.
  • Ryan Kalil tied with Dustin Fry out of Clemson for most bench reps among centers in 2007.
  • Jonathan Stewart (28 reps) had the most bench press reps among all-time Panthers running backs.

Broad Jump

DJ Moore led all offensive players in the broad jump in 2018.

The broad jump is similar to the long jump at the Olympics, except that players jump from a standing start rather than a long run-up.

Check out which Panthers have the longest jumps at the Combine since 2000:

Table inside Article
PlayerYearBroad Jump (inches)
DJ Moore (WR)2018132
Jarrod Cooper (S)2001130
Richard Marshall (CB)2006129
Brian Burns (DE)2019129
Jonathan Stewart (RB)2008128
C.J. Wilson (CB)2007127
Cam Newton (QB)2011126
James Bradberry (CB)2016124
David Gettis (WR)2010124
Donte Jackson (CB)2018124
Josh Norman (CB)2012124
Beau Sandland (TE)2016124
Eric Shelton (RB)2005124


  • DJ Moore had the fourth-best broad jump in 2018 and furthest among all offensive players.
  • Cam Newton tied for the longest broad jump among all QBs since 2011, and is tied for third among all QBs since 2000.
  • Brian Burns had the second-longest jump among defensive lineman and edge rushers in 2019.

3-Cone Drill

Christian McCaffrey's time is the fastest by any running back in the 3-cone drill since 2000.

The three-cone drill is combine-specific to test a player's agility. Three cones are placed five yards apart from each other forming a right angle. The player starts with one hand down on the ground and runs to the middle cone and touches it, then reverses direction back to the starting cone and touches it. The athlete reverses direction again but this time runs around the outside of the middle cone on the way to the far cone running around it in figure eight fashion on his way back around the outside of the middle cornering cone.

Check out which Panthers have the fastest times at the three-cone drill at the Combine since 2000:

Table inside Article
PlayerYearThree-cone drill time
Christian McCaffrey (RB)20176.57
Sherrod Martin (CB)20096.60
Richard Marshall (CB)20066.65
James Anderson (LB)20066.67
Ryne Robinson (WR)20076.71
Randy Fasani (QB)20026.75
Tyler Gaffney (RB)20146.78
Nate Salley (S)20066.79
C.J. Wilson (CB)20076.81
Brandon LaFell (WR)20106.81


  • Christian McCaffrey's time is the fastest by any running back in the 3-cone drill over the last 20 years.
  • James Anderson tied for the third-fastest linebacker time from 2000-present.
  • Randy Fasani was the fastest QB in the three-cone drill in 2002.

Shuttle Drill

Shaq Thompson ran a 4.08 in the shuttle drill in 2015.

In the shuttle drill, or the "5-10-5" drill, the player starts at the center cone of three cones, each a distance of five yards apart. The athlete then goes toward one cone, five yards away. After reaching it, they reverse direction to cover 10 yards for the far cone, before coming back five more yards to the middle cone to finish.

Check out which Panthers have the fastest times at the shuttle drill at the Combine since 2000:

Table inside Article
PlayerYearShuttle Drill time
Randy Fasani (QB)20023.87
Jarrod Cooper (S)20013.90
Sean Tufts (LB)20043.94
Thomas Davis (LB)20053.97
Sherrod Martin (CB)20093.98
DJ Moore (WR)20184.07
James Anderson (LB)20064.07
Eric Shelton (RB)20054.08
Shaq Thompson (LB)20154.08
Stefan LeFors (QB)20054.09
Jeff King (TE)20064.09


  • Randy Fasani has the fastest time among QBs from 2000-present. He tied for the fastest shuttle time among all positions in the 2002 combine.
  • Thomas Davis had the fourth-fastest time among all linebackers in 2005, even though he was originally listed at safety.
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