Full list of Panthers draft picks for 2023

Panthers 2023 Draft Picks

CHARLOTTE — When the Panthers were in the draft weekend phase of quarterback acquisition mode, they were determined not to give up premium picks.

While there were offers and temptations to swap a future first-round pick so they could get into a position to draft Matt Corral, general manager Scott Fitterer held firm. The same was true in discussions involving a future second-rounder. They waited it out.

It unfolded the same way during their pursuit of Baker Mayfield, acquired Wednesday in a deal with the Browns for a conditional fifth-rounder in 2024 (which could become a fourth if he hits specific playing-time numbers).

While the deal had been talked about for months, the Panthers were able to not rush into the deal too soon, and held onto the most valuable of their future draft capital.

Heading into next year's draft, the Panthers still have their own first- and second-round picks, along with their fourth, fifth, and seventh. (The third and the sixth belong to the Patriots from different deals, the draft-day swap for Corral, and the Stephon Gilmore trade last September).

The Panthers made a trade with the Bills in 2020, sending linebacker Andre Smith for a conditional seventh in 2023, but those conditions were not met, so there is no compensation.

That leaves them with five picks in next April's annual selection meeting, and most importantly, the top two remain intact.

Here's a look at the Panthers' 2023 picks.

— Their own first-rounder

— Their own second-rounder

— Their own fourth-rounder

— Their own fifth-rounder

— Their own seventh-rounder

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